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ponykoma - a rotten heart

Twi feels like the kind of pony that goes for the classics
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I knew twi was a closet fujoshi.
I don't know. Sherlock Hooves sounds like the name of a mare.
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I'm not even into mlp but from the sheer overexposure of it alone over the past 5 years I can tell you that sherlock hooves is a guy.
Maybe you're right.
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Four years later, still laughing.
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something tells me celestia would ask twilight to write more of them
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Lol I know right I almost handed in my exam paper with MLP doodles at the back XD
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wow.....ponies can fanfic-shipping us ('_')
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I know that feeling when I turned in my MLP story to my science teacher instead of a science paper 
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How'd ya explain THAT one?
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Lol, I've been there. Accidentally turned in a hp shipping fic with my history report.
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how on earth did the teacher respond
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She critiqued it and gave it back to me. Wrote things like 'Harry is a proper noun, you forgot to capitalize.' and 'you really gt off topic here' I actually got a 'C' over all. Thankfully the story was more fluff with nothing more than flirting or else I could have been in real trouble.
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HAHA The worst nightmare ever XD
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Oh, the life of a fan fic writer. :iconslowclapplz:
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This is like a backwards Molestia! XD
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This reminds me of Princess Molly on tumblr :S
Panel three is comedy GOLD!
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there are 4 planes, dude. But, yeah. Freakin'. Comedic. GOLD!
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