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btw heres how i handle lineart

By emlan
Got asked about my colored lines so I figured I might as well upload this thrown together tut for the rest of you kids to see too!

This is a horrible showcase and I know I've seen proper tutorials for this very thing in other places but hey here's how I do it, it might be fun to see how I work? I'm layershy so I always just do all my coloring on one single layer like a boss...actually this tech might be hard to get looking decent with many color layers? You tell me!

(The bonuspolish layer is just what it says, drawing over both the bg colors and colored lineart to tweak minor things.)

When it comes to multiple layers you gotta be careful when merging down and whatnot since it will mess up the colors if you used light ones on the multiple one merging into the save all merging until you feel you can make a full "merge visible". Well, you'll learn what works and what doesn't after a while.

Full picture for the example frames used here:
Bikinis on top [link]
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What version of OC is this? I'm on 4.9, but I don't see the preserve transparency option..
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3.03, but i assume its just named something else in the newer versions
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What is a multiple layer? Does it have a photoshop equivalent? Thanks for your help c:
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Usually it says "Normal" under the Layer dropdown list, just scroll down and there it'll be; [link]
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oh, thank you! i didn't realize that's what it was.
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can you do that on PS 5?
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try and find out?
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you mean you dont know
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yeah I use some earlier version
NEWF-The-DRAGON's avatar you know anyone who know how to do it?
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I've always wondered how you colour your lines! Now I don't have to ask. Haha!
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Oh wow, open canvas, now that's a blast from the past... It's a real shame they've removed the networking function from the later versions... I count myself lucky to still have 11b72 saved on my computer. :V
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can't believe u still use opencanvas ur so hardcore
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photoshop doesnt have color pickup on rightclick how am i supposed to work with something like that
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just keep a key pressed while clicking for quick colorpickup in PS though I dunno which one for Windows /helpful
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I kno butttt i dont like having to click on keyboard
SAI has colour pickup on rightclick and i think you can set clicking shortcuts on photoshop but i forget how i just use alt+click
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SAI's erase brush didn't fit my tastes so I ditched it, it also doesn't let me move around windows as I wish....
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I feel like I've solved a great mystery today :happycry: thank you for posting this! :'D
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