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Small or big Miku, I can't decide...
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Omg these are FREAKING adorable!!! :heart: Be still my heart. 
isa-is-i's avatar
Okay this is a little too adorable for me to look at as long as I have. I need to go.
TyrannosaurusRex-123's avatar
They all look cool! I might try drawing their dinosaur versions someday!
zendevil's avatar
i lieks small miku
and would you do gumi? or teto? and other minor charachters please?
they are beautiful :iconiloveyouplz:
emlan's avatar
Sorry I have no plans for it, but who knows what the future brings
Quinsecticide's avatar
I like small Miku better ^^
tenko72's avatar
I like how Miku's and Luka's ears look like their human hair.
Kingdomkey's avatar
These are so cute! I've loved them since you uploaded them! (Apologies for not commenting till now.) I love all of you Dog pictures, you transfer the characters to animals so perfectly, you can always tell who they're meant to be. You see a lot of cat oriented stuff like this, but never dogs and never nearly done as well.

I hope one day you'll consider revisiting vocaloid. There are so many new ones and I really would like to see your interpretation.
Keep up the wonderful work.
SammySaps's avatar
The Miku dogs mind effed me with hidden leeks o-o
Harry026Husky's avatar
uuu len xD
super x3
i love dogs x3
petenshi's avatar
Oh God this is so adorable! This is an instant fave for me!
Yume2210's avatar
they're all so cute and pretty ;3; big miku is gorgeous but tiny miku's adorable~! >w< they're so awesome ;w;!!!!
Laurachan486's avatar
Awwww they're soooo cute!!!
But this is freaky: My dog is called Kai, which sounds like Kaito (I didn't name him; he's a rescue dog)
AND HE SORT OF LOOKS LIKE THE KAITO DOG!!! (except he's black and white instead of blue and white)
Salty-Fish's avatar
So adorable! Wonderful colouring style. Kind of pastel like.
Negimafangirl's avatar
I want to take them home!!!
MissGinaKid92's avatar
Do you have one for Gumi yet? =D
emlan's avatar
Nope! Might doodle one in the future but I can't make any promises.
giantflyingradish's avatar
Maybe the large Miku could be Hatsune Miku and the smaller one could be Hachune?
balnibarbi's avatar
Ffff absolutely adorable. It's so perfect. <3
BeefyDiab0lique's avatar
Omg Kaitooooooooo~

Rin and Len are really adorable tew :3

And Megurine... X3
kuro-tsukixx's avatar
They're so adorable! :3
I wanna cuddle the Rin and Len ones XD
AKirbyandhisCheese's avatar
OMG! This too cute! I think maybe the small Miku can be Hachune (The chibi Miku from Leva's Polka) and the big one can be Miku. My favorites are Len, KAITO, and Luka!
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