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BONUS: Figs and logo only: [link] (bigger res)

Lately I've been really excited about both Skullgirls [link] and Fighting is Magic [link] so how about a happy marriage of the two? Apologies to Ahad for trying to use his style for fangirl material w

AJ and Twi's poses are rougly translated from their stage theme BG pictures: [link] + [link]
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This is awesome! :D I love the game x3
delbeto982's avatar
No. But amazing artwork regardless.
Krovi-theuselesscunt's avatar
I wanna die. skullgirls is amazing but. This killed my hype for more skullgirls 
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LiquididiousHobbyist Digital Artist
May I recommend the "next" button?
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Hanab-iStudent Digital Artist
this is good fanart though. it's not fetishes, it's not bashing the game, it's just fan art of a fun concept from someone who likes both subjects.
why do people allow themselves to be upset such simple things when they could just look away?
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plasmicstripesHobbyist Artist
nah dude this is not that bad
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stake2Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks really great, it's not realistic like a human but it's funny, this is funny and cute, also this is a crossover or a marriage of two things i like which is cute ponies and sexy girls xD, they look really cute here :3, this is awesome!
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Ah wow very interesting seeing this! Really do hope you'll do more fighting scenes! More intense and fluid than ever before!
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EziosGirlsProfessional Digital Artist
this is beautiful
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squirrelyjoelHobbyist Digital Artist
Can't you please not
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JoeyWaggoner Digital Artist
As a fan of both series this extremely pleases me. X3
SteampunkBadger's avatar
You called it.
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Urzoo7Hobbyist Artist
This looks amazing! :D
queen-of-fanart's avatar
queen-of-fanartHobbyist General Artist
*Throws money at screen* SOMEONE MAKE THIS A THING
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LexisLovesRitsuStudent Filmographer
Love it!
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vonsolo1Hobbyist Artist
so luna is bloody marie
Towers-of-Obscure's avatar
Towers-of-ObscureHobbyist General Artist
No, Starlight is.
Bulbaderp's avatar
BulbaderpStudent Digital Artist
I wouldn't expect Granny Smith seeing AJ like that without saying "As long as you hit 'em back."
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you've done very well to incorporate the aesthetics of MLP within the design style of Skull girls. Bravo.
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MalifikyseHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the Skullgirls graphic style and I like the way that made ​​this picture )
Daikoku-Dahei's avatar
Daikoku-DaheiStudent Digital Artist
Greeting!I love your art so much!
Manegirls is such a sweet idea.
I wonder if I can draw in this topic,too
Waiting for your reply.:-)
And please forgive my poor English.;-;
emlan's avatar
Thank you!! Sorry for the super late reply, I would love to see what you'd draw so go ahead!
Daikoku-Dahei's avatar
Daikoku-DaheiStudent Digital Artist
I'm so happy you agreed!
You are always welcome to my homepage,
and hope you'll like my work.:-)
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