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By emlan
Wapol and Chopper from One Piece, drawn for Taz over at OP exchange!
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I was thinking... Wapol comes from a winter island, then opens a toy store, then leaves his beard to grow... adding the fact he wears long fur coats... is Oda really transforming him into One Piece's Santa Claus?! Oh my god - OMG 
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Very nice expresssion, making wapol look nearly human :D
Love it, all your stuff is amazing, comgratz!
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This is awesome! I liked Wapol, he was quite a humorous villain. And Chopper looks absolutely adorable. :D
You definitely draw the best Wapol....

Too bad that means your's the best of about 50 artists, noone loves wapol sadly
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Baby Chopper so kawaiii, i like him^^.
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lol) =D oh, i love it)
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this is just awesome. Chopper is so CUTE! is strangely so is warpol which is scary. nice art !
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I love this to death and nothing will ever beat how cute this is oh my god... :heart:
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Wow, an actually good pic of Wapol on DA! That's rare!
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Aww, Choppers so cute! :3
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Best Pic ever BOth of my fav chars. in OP
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agh. i hearts dis buisness.

emlan to the second pwer.
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AHAHA I like this cause I've only seen one ep and it happened to be the one with that guy in it and he scared the tits off me :(

*fav* 8D
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This has one of those signs over them that says 'applause' but instead of applause it says 'D'awwwwwwww'

'Cause this made me do that x3
I love pictures like this ^_^ They have such a sweet mood! ^.^ Very awesomely adorable picture!! :rose:
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I really hate wapol but i love chopper
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Awwww~~ what a cute picture *_________*~
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nice drawing!!!
Wapol's an ass, I really don't think Chopper'll ever forgive him. Chopper-saga was dramatic :( /cry
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Waaa~ It's so adorable!!
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