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I never draw anypony as anything but skinny white girls but Trixies canon color scheme originally actually got me stumped a bit on how to draw her as human [link] ...So yes here is an alt verion of her with more fun colors and extra bling!

Switched around Twilight too for the occasion, been meaning to draw these two interacting in some way.
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ProsAndConstellation|Hobbyist General Artist
I love dark skinned Twilight, she just looks so good like that idk why...
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caballero-nocturno's avatar
they look really adorable! :heart:
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ColonelBSacquet's avatar
It looks like Twilight is quite ill-at-ease.
Why is that?

Trixie, you wouldn't be planning something funny, would you? *suspiscious glance*
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Cyphahucklebein's avatar
I heard once if you travel enough you can seem exotic and fascinating  you go, and that is what Trixie had achieved here.
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NaokoElric2250's avatar
They are both gorgeous. I loved Trixie's outfit in the original, but this is better.

Sorry to bombard you with comments, BTW.
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Tiger610|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< that's a very genius dress for twily
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goldenheartaly's avatar
This is pretty awesome!
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eablevins's avatar
Love this version of Twilight.
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Hetalia-G8's avatar
Hetalia-G8|Hobbyist General Artist
These have to be the most beautiful humanizations of twilight and trixie I've ever seen! :)
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Kakkelakk|Student Digital Artist
Soo pretty, I love it!!
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agosiciliano's avatar
agosiciliano|Hobbyist Digital Artist
reminds me of goldsilver s' eusine.
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Shyrepaw's avatar
Shyrepaw|Hobbyist Artist
Trixie TOTALLY looks like someone from the Capitol
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candygirl39725's avatar
candygirl39725|Hobbyist General Artist
So pretty!!!
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Retelloratraybell's avatar
Retelloratraybell|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
prettiest twilight yet!
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CrazyFishie's avatar
This is the prettiest Twilight I've ever seen. :)
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Chips13's avatar
I love their outfits!
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PandaBarBear's avatar
PandaBarBear|Student General Artist
very bollywood feeling
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Shirlendra|Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent! Normally i would say that ponies dont translate into humans at all but its really good! d^_^b
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Centaur71's avatar
Doesn't bother me one iota; olive skin makes good kin...
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KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
Oh, what a cute Twilight! That's a cool outfit on Trixie.
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FennecHTF's avatar
Twilight Sparkle is so pretty. <3
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Buttonesque|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing picture! <3
I've never seen an Indian Twilight before, but good idea all the same. :'D
(Coincidence, and it's probably only me, but nearly every one of my Indian friends are geeks. Know a geek in the mane 6?)
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sumantra's avatar
sumantra|Student General Artist
I think I like these versions much better than your originals. Also, why is that you only draw the ponies as white girls/guys. Other than Zecora, why not diversify them?
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emlan's avatar
I draw them how I see them, if I where to giving them random skincolor ~just because~ I'd be forcing myself away from my view.
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