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Gijinka - MLP Royal sisters

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I told myself not to draw this until I finished some characters I haven't drawn before BUT I'm playing favorites so deal with it.

Both Celestia and Luna has such long pretty legs in canon so it feels like such shame to cover them up with a skirt or dress...Plus I think ladies always look better in pants so here is such a version!
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So precious! beautiful work *0*
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TikimillieHobbyist General Artist
and then the canon eq girls came and ruined everything
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I always thought Celestia would look great in a suit. (and not that weird 1970s-ish ensemble she had in EQG)
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NaokoElric2250Hobbyist Writer
Yes, a version that does put them in your typical princess dress :).
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I agree its certainly a different though not unpleasant take on the royal sisters. The dimensions are perfect (so many have issues there) and the colors aren't garish as I've often seen before.

However( you knew this was coming, didn't you) my two biggest issues are, one, the general fashion design. They look like some sort of singing sibling team from the seventies. I would rework it and make them look a little more modern.

Also, I would make celestia's gender a little more obvious. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear she was a man.

of course, that's just my opinion and I've never had much of an eye for the visual arts so I could very well be wrong.
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Thanks for the feedback! Fashion eras always come back in style sooner or later so them looking like the seventies isn't that big of a deal to me, I quite fancy the look after all! Celestia really did end up looking a bit too andro here tho...
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KumkrumHobbyist Digital Artist
The longer I look at it the better it gets. LOVE the idea of Celestia veil replacing her mane, it' really neat to see such a fresh take on the humanized princesses =3
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luna can rule my night forever <3
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you can have luna...
I'll take celestia any night!
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kikistoneHobbyist Traditional Artist
HOLY BANNANA BOAT, I want Luna's Hair and Outfit!! PWEEEEASE? :D
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Aaahhhhh this is nice. Luna s perf uvu
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I'm sensing... a 70's vibe...
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70's? better find my pong console
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Wow. I LOVE how you gave Celestia a more "butch" appearance while still keeping her regal and elegant. It's unique and unexpected; but it works really well. And replacing the flowing hair with a pixie cut and a veil was a nice touch.
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They look so fabulously 70's. :D
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You got them perfectly!
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diethnisHobbyist General Artist
Ladies in flares. I love it. :squee:
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ShirlendraHobbyist General Artist
Luna and Celestia the princesses of the 70's! Very very well done though! it looks amazing!
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Max300Hobbyist General Artist
Holy shit.
I have been looking everywhere for a Luna cosplay that wasn't ina dress and oh god I love you

I want to cosplay this so bad
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You are most welcome to do so if you ever get around!
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Max300Hobbyist General Artist
I will get on this as soon as I finish my soda box armour. ;)
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imperiomHobbyist General Artist
Luna is so fucking pretty here
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DJWillHobbyist Artist
Las cadenas en sus caderas me gustan!
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