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Gijinka - MLP Luna concept

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uuugh all I really wanted was to draw her a new set of clothes to match canon so you're gonna have to make do with this dolled up doodle instead of a proper illustration, I wanted her to look proper and strict while still feminine. Sporting a sparkle-veil like big sis ofc.

Un-edited(superior) scan: [link]
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I like so much! x3
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her jacket is amazing!
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Love the design and plan to do a cosplay based off of this Luna.  Would you mind if I did some changes to it to make it a Nightmare Moon cosplay?
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Hello and thanks! And sure, feel free to use whatever elements you like no matter of how big or small, just have fun with it!
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LadyAnnMajoraHobbyist Traditional Artist
I want somebody to use this design for a cosplay! It looks fabulous!
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meowlondeStudent General Artist
Hi there! My friend(who doesn't have a dA) wanted to know if she could cosplay this?
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Feel free to cosplay the thing as is or to just snag a couple of concept details for an alternative outfit, it's all good!
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meowlondeStudent General Artist
Ok! Thank you!
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england-unicornStudent Traditional Artist
I wonder why she change between season
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EonOrteaShadowmasterStudent Writer
I want that jacket.
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She looks so militant. :) I could see her acting that way at least in this outfit.
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Very beautiful clothes! ;)
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Careful; the Lunatax may think she's one of 'em...
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ImperialPoisonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool design! I definitely pictured her with a more masculine outfit.
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Oh my gosh this jacket. Jacket.
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I see Chun Li and JohnJoseco-human luna in this one.
Kind of like.
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kamenkewlStudent General Artist
dunno why everyone seems to draw here in strict, militaristic looking outfits. she's formal and all, but...i dunno, i personally don't find it fits, but that's just my opinion, haha
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Her proper and strict way of speaking screams for military! Mainly I feel her broad chest too invites for it...also change your icon bro, no one likes an asshole.
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alexmerquiseHobbyist General Artist
i want her coat :3
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TNBCCBARTIST247Student General Artist
Nice design and style you did on the new Luna concept Emlan,including the details as well.:)
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PiffsheepHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, pretty cool!
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I'm into it! I'd probably mess around with a few things if I were to cosplay it, but I especially love your interpretation of her hair :)
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