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Final Fantasy V

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Exdeath...just what kind of dog are you?
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Exdeath. Exdoge.
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Behold, Doggie Fantasy 5.
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BahamutAXIOMProfessional Digital Artist
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XD Exdeath, one of the most evil characters in Final Fantasy history is a bloody Newfie!!
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CathyMouse2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is really cute ^^ them as dogs ^^
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i must ask: what on earth would gilgamesh look like?

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a big pile of red laundry I suppose
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All your biscuits shall go to the void
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kokoluchoHobbyist General Artist
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R3d-M4g3Hobbyist General Artist
Why he's a rare breed of Tree Dogs
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Rin-UzukiHobbyist Traditional Artist
bahahaha, why does Galuf's granddaughter make such a convincing dog? X'D
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I love this! You made all the characters look sooo cute! And I think the dog breeds that you chose are sooo appropriate! What an adorable concept!
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AmithistProfessional Digital Artist
Bartz! NOOO!!!
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I love that Faris is the biggest dog. XD She does seem the type to dominate over the others.
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ayoubjezineHobbyist Artist
why....this...is...SO PERFECT?!?!
bartz is 150% the same :iconfuuuplz:

just kidding I loved it =]
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Pikapal642Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah! This is awesome! And so is the bonus! ^__^
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GorubezaStudent General Artist
ExDeath xD
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ckt Digital Artist
This is so awesome and cute at the same time! XD lol
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Yay Faris ~ XD
Canine ExDeath is also amazing.
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He's a VOID hound, duh
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WhiteLycanXIIIHobbyist General Artist
Let's just hope that when the other dogs challenge Exdeath, they aren't...
BARKING up the wrong TREE!
*gets VOID'd
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MykotoHobbyist General Artist
Haha, this is so cute! I love the little Krile pup ^^

When I first saw this, I saw only the top row of dogs, and I thought you managed to grab all the personalities very well and depict them as dogs... then I scrolled down a little and saw ExDeath doggy and I had to laugh! He looks like he could be a uh... idk, an Old English Sheepdog combined with a Puli? lol...

Cute job though <3
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