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Everfree Forest

By emlan
I think it was cute in Stare Master how Twilight mentions she's gonna head over to Zecora's house to pick up some of her favorite tea...

I can imagine since Zecora seem to have such great knowledge of plants and whatnot she'd be happy to educate Twilight further on the area. Here they are looking up some rarities!
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Awesome and beautiful work! :O
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whoa!! This is incredible!!!
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Wow, this is a killer image.  Your use of value makes everything aspect of the image "pop" so well that I my eyes are drawn everywhere.  Nicely done.
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Spooky place, but interesting to explore. Especially with someone who knows it well.


Like this - very atmospheric.

all that for a flower annoying like in the games
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I'm not scared of this forest at all. I find it more natural than the rest of Equestria
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What did you use to make this piece? c:
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Open Canvas 3.3, same method as here; [link]
Apparently Lauren Faust wanted Zecora to turn into a secondary mentor for Twilight Sparkle but it didn't pan out. Maybe too complicated for the toy-selling cartoon Hasbro wants.
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I love the atmosphere in this deviation
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Yeap, the dark forest. :o
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They should find out what a beautiful place the Everfree Forest really is
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Amazing style! I love it!
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Mudhole? Slimey? My home this is.
faving because of....reasons<3
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I hope Twi doesn't see that snake! :P
Really amazing artwork, though. Keep it up!
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The one beauty in that little world of darkness. :D That's so awesome! :)
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I love this indefinitely.
Ooooh, I like that. The color saturation and detail density work really well together.
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you know this reminds me of the living forest stage in mortal kombat
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