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Breakfast strip

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Tbh it was just an excuse to draw something with WASA knäcke [link]
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I have cereal or toast and a cup of tea for breakfast every morning. Sometimes I have pancakes, too.
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GreenlandandSwedenHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry but wasa (the things Sve is eating) is freaking delicious
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LovinoFeliVargasStudent Writer
Hahahahah America xD
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My uncle insists on cooked meat (bacon, sausage or steak) eggs and toast every morning and would go for the full breakfast fry-up every day if he had the time.
I could happily skip breakfast (so long as I have my coffee!) but usually I have something light like fruit, yogurt, or croissant.
I can't stand the thought of meat and grease in the morning and just seeing him eat all that fried food tends to turn my stomach.
But to each their own. I don't mind cooking it for him when he's visiting but I'm not touching it myself.

Also I maintain that crispbreads are amazing, I would go for that over bread any day. Alfred doesn't know what he's missing!
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daga000Hobbyist Digital Artist
how can you eat sausage for breakfast?!
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JonsukkaHobbyist General Artist
When I watch this comic I really realize how little we finns eat for breakfast.
My dad eats nothing, just graps his lunch box and me and sister just eat borridge.
Then again I guess I wouldn´t be able to eat greasy bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs and what else for breakfast. Too heavy...

This is great comic!! And very educational considering many and many peopple don´t know much about finnish and swedish culture.
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marilyndrawsProfessional Digital Artist
looks like they're eating chocolate poptarts  with cheese and pickles ...... awesome .
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Neska-chanHobbyist General Artist
... i have to admit, i actually don't like bacon, or eggs, or bread O.o croissants and hot chocolate sound good , and that crispbread is also yummy ^.^
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PurpleLuverForeverHobbyist General Artist
"Made Too Much." England you aren't even eating, you adorable little Tsundere. You gave all your food to America. <3
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Oh I've eaten those things before. I put humus on mine!!
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Knäckebröd som e så gött *q*
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Jag kan inte äta knäck för jag har tandställning ;w;
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I'm sorry for being culturally ignorant, but what IS Sweden eating? ಠ_ಠ
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Okay thanks!
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Han smakade inte ens T.T
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GothliciousHobbyist General Artist
Alfred's staring at Sweden's breakfast like "What the fuck is this shit?" And Finland's face, LOL.

This is so hilarious. I always wanted to try the full English breakfast D:
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leopardheart11Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alfred has good taste :iconukishappyplz:
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StativeCervidaeStudent Traditional Artist
ahahaha america doesnt know what he's missing!i love knäckebröd! -runs to the store to buy some-
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Fact: a full English breakfast will kill the average man with calories alone. USA is anything but average XD
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Irkenrider13Hobbyist Filmographer
That may be but sweet Jesus its a delicious start to the day~! Panda Emoji-05 (Drooling) [V1] 
eltitere's avatar
True that! I wish to partake in it someday...
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Irkenrider13Hobbyist Filmographer
you should! get some bacon, sausage, eggs, bread and beans and toss all that in one pan. done
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what about blood sausage? 
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