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metalsonic612Hobbyist Digital Artist
May commission something like this in future so wanted to ask

do you plan on drawing Code Vein Art at all? If not I don’t want to waste your time
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Unfortunately I won't be open for commissions for probably years. I have no plans to play Code Vein for now but it might change depending on what I see fandom wise.
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metalsonic612Hobbyist Digital Artist
i meant art but fair enough ^^; Code Vein just seems kinda ripe for your art style ya know?
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KatkalisHobbyist Artist

Hello! Now that I have the courage, I can finally say:

Your art of Lothric and Lorian is FANTASTIC. ;0;

See, I ADORE the brothers, and out of all of the fan art of them that I've seen, your portrayal of them is my favorite!

Basically all of your art in general really is just wonderful. Unique, creative, inspiring, just...ugh. My fiance and I love your work! (Especially your dark souls stuff. It always makes us smile! :D)

Also, I have this feeling that, as a popular artist, you may feel pressured to provide. So I just wanna say that, if you happen to feel obligated to make art, don't stress. There's no pressure. Take your time and take good care of yourself. We love ya!^w^<3

Also also, sorry if this comment is too long or awkward...I just tend to get passionate when I get into talking about something ^^'

I hope you have a wonderful day/night! :)

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My what a sweet message to get greeted by! Thank you so much, my Twin Princes content is slightly.... Niche after all so it's always extra fun to hear when ppl appreciate that certain flavor <3 Pressure to post content can be real, fortunately I'm naturally quite productive overall, thanks for looking after me ;D I'm looking forward to Elden Ring hopefully having fanart friendly characters....
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KatkalisHobbyist Artist

Niche maybe, but not out of possibility considering their strong love for eachother and the time period they live in.

*shrug emoji*

So all good and sweet in my book!

Glad you're productive, for I have trouble with it. I'm super lazy and hop around projects while getting distracted by everything. XD

And aah yes, elden ring! Already excited! Me and the fiance will get into it, and then head over here to see what sort of amazing ideas you come up with! As far as I'm concerned, its possible to make fan art with ANYTHING so I'm super confident that you'll find some characters you like and make them even more lovable through your wonderful art! 8D

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metalsonic612Hobbyist Digital Artist
when will you bring some of your newer Sekiro art on Twitter here?

not to sound pushy but i can't get full size/quality on twitter TT^TT