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celestia is like so totally cool and stuff

keep in mind this is 100% vector
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Hello, I was wondering if I could use this for a cover i'm doing on YT? I'd give you credit, if you want. 
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they look so sad
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Can i use two of your vectors ?
this one…
and this one…

i promise to give u the credits :)
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Oooo nice. It definatly has a sense of elegance to it, very appealing. Nicely done. =)
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This is 100% AWESOME!
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I made a wallpaper of your beautiful vector!…
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Are the sparkles vectors too?
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Good job handling colors and line, it's absolutely beautiful!!
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It's really graceful and strangely simple-feeling.  I always enjoy Celestia sans regalia and this is executed just brilliantly.  It's contemplative and somber and reverent and it feels like Celestia is making a real, personal appearance - a real statement.  Wonderful coloration and the shadowing is excellent, I'd be hard pressed to find a Celly vector I like better~!
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Celestia without her royal attires just show how naturelly beautiful she really is.

Beautiful work
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Great job! I love this style, specially the coloring. :D
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Well gotta say this vector of Celestia sure is a beaut^^ Loving the colours and everything about it :3
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I knoooow right? She so totally is.

I have a Celestia quota now. At least one per four pictures.
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Regalia-less Celestia feels somehow less official-like and more personal. And softer, and gentler. You did some nice work here. The shading's variability is beautiful for vectors. And the pastel colours really do align together for a soft impression here. Well done.
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Thank you! I thought having the crown and all the jewels and everything would make her too regal and authoritative instead of the intimate and personal look at her which I intended. Completely strips her of all regal importance and focuses more on what she's feeling; the turmoil of having to banish her own sister away, the thousand years of loneliness afterwards, all that shows when you take off her symbols of power and you're left with an anguished pony.

That and I didn't feel like drawing them.
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Exactly so. Both reasons are valid, too.
And it's always wonderful to see the real Celestia, not just her royal persona. She feels better in those personal moments... and I want to hug her even more, too.
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it also feels good not to see all the Lunar empire and trollestia crap
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