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United Equestria Wallpapers

Download Zip file, receive wallpapers!

New Lunar Republic? Solar Empire?
Why fight? Can't we all just get along?

The resolutions supported are:

:bulletpink: 1024x768
:bulletpink: 1280x480
:bulletpink: 1366x768
:bulletpink: 1440x900
:bulletpink: 1600x900
:bulletpink: 1600x1200
:bulletpink: 1920x1080
:bulletpink: 1920x1200
:bulletpink: 2048x1024

If there are any resolutions here that do not fit your screen, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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dodo1500's avatar
There is 1360x768 ?
FlashBack21's avatar
Beautiful, excuse me for asking but what means Potestas ex Harmonia?
Thanks, your wallpapers are amazing!
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Roughly translated, Power from Harmony. I'm no good at writing Latin so I don't know how well I translated that phrase.
FlashBack21's avatar
Thanks for the answer and the traduction and don't worry about your skill in Latin, just keep studing. Thank :)!
dehydromon's avatar
Wow, beautiful! *.*
Is there any chance you would make a square one?
denveratv's avatar
I love soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Cdpaliden's avatar
Thank you so much for making these! I am rather sick of Solar Empire/ New Lunar Republic.
Whatever happened to Harmony?
salk32's avatar
1280 x 1024? :3
salk32's avatar
Wait, never mind. XD Just opened the .zip file. lolol :P
AlicornBob's avatar
You even have MY resolution! 1366x768 is seemingly rare apparently...
Would it be possible, like with the Luna + Celestia Wallpaper Compilation, to get this without text?
Overlord-Zakaru's avatar
Yes! I've been looking for a wallpaper of this! While I love the idea of the Lunar Republic and Solar Empire, I'd much rather be part of a United Equestria. Strengths of of both, the weaknesses of neither.
Immortalshippo's avatar
Sort of the point, though, right? Everyone I've asked would actually rather be in a united Equestria; the division's just for fun. It's all about which one you feel you like to support more; the rebels or the traditionalists.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Solar Empire's style, but you can't deny the Lunar Republic's strength. (In fact, there's not much people going for the Solar Empire, so I'd like to bolster their ranks a bit.)
HydroBlaze's avatar
Hey there again!! :b
I was wondering also if I could use this for the project I'm doing
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Sure, just give credit!
HydroBlaze's avatar
Okay, thanks again :b
Zeitgeist-SP's avatar
Would a 1600x1050 be possible? :D
Emkay-MLP's avatar
DjChapica's avatar
I love this idea !
Emkay-MLP's avatar
SlashSlashX's avatar
I love this idea! I really don't like how fandoms pick sides when if everyone worked together we'd do so much better as a whole. Here's to love, peace and tollerance!

The image itself is really nice, I like the mix of wings and sun and moon. I think the background could stand to be a little closer to silver, like a winter's dawn, rather than gold though. Mainly just because it has a little too much light to it in my oppinion. But this is still a wonderful design. Bravo!
shwabadi's avatar
You beautiful person!
SkarmoryThePG's avatar
Ooh, might have to--

Hmm. Don't see 1680x1050 on the list.
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