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The Apotheosis of Celestia

To download this as a wallpaper, click here! [link]

Funny thing is, I'm more of a New Lunar Republic person. =P

For the New Lunar Republic version, see below:
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Screw both Solar Empire and Lunar republic! I'm for United Principality of Equestria!


Now you will need a third one for Cadence.
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I'm waiting for season 3 to do that.
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Heard anything about release date?
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Sometime in October is the best bet so far. Kind of a broad estimate but there's really not much to go by. Hopefully it'll air early on in the month like the first or second week.
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Ah, thanks.
Well, now we can only wait.
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Za imperium Solarne!


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It's a really well done image, I really dig the texture work over the piece.

But here's something that I don't get, why are so many people AGAINST the Solar Empire in this community? Everyone's got this grudge against Celestia for what? Luna, the same Alicorn who tried to bring upon eternal night and beckon in an Era of evil and everyone rallies behind her because she's their waifu or something.

Meanwhile Celestia has always been out for the best interest of her subjects, taking on the enormous task of raising the sun and the moon each and every day for a thousand years and treating every one of her citizens with her time like she was their loving mother.

So yeah, down with the Lunar Republic. Glory to the Solar Empire.
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Very well said, I am glad to still find loyal subjects who love their Empress :salute: You said it best, many of the NLR feel sympathy for Luna in hopes that she'll favor them and be their "waifu". But they are delusional, and there is no room in the brightest of futures for traitors.
Ave Solis.
Ave Imperium.
Ave Celestia.
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Indeed. Hail Celestia. May her compassion, wisdom, kindness, and loving heart lead us towards a brighter future.
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I completely agree. However, although I am for the New Lunar republic, I am not against the Solar Empire in any way (as evident by making both NLR and SE images). I've got no hate towards Celestia whatsoever, only more love for Luna.
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I agree. I only prefer Luna. Celestia is great too!
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Any chance of an Equestrian Unity =P ?
This one is nice, too :D
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Thanks again! =P
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Ya, this would cool on a tshirt.......BUT BETTER ON SPACE MARINE ARMOUR!!!!
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I can't ever seem to get textures to come out quite right, what did you do to make it look so good?
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I made the texture into a pattern and used the patch tool on the entirety of the original vector I made. It combines the texture and the image very nicely.
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down with the solar empire! hail the true princess of the night!!!...

but i do like the picture...
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Yeah, because eternal night is such a good thing...
Eternal day is bad, too.
Down with both of them.
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Why does it look like it says Towards a Shitter Future?
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Because New Lunar Republic is OBVIOUSLY best political party. =P
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