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Stellar Alignment Emblem

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Holy moly, this is rad! Do you mind if I use this for a group logo? I'm happy to give credit~!

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Ok. This is pretty dope looking.

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The Symbol of the Castle of Friendship!
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Seems like your design inspired the official toys.
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what universe of the fandom is this? I keep forgetting and this is my favorite one!
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can I use for my comic?
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partly used it for this logo:
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A lot of these remind me of the emblems from Star Trek.  They look just as awesome.  Keep it up.
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That emblem is perfect for Twilight's kingdom! I love it! :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Clap Meow :3 Love Nod+fav  Heart +favlove Trophy 
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Can I use this emblem in a game i'm making?
(I'l give credit.)
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it should be called the friendship federationClaping Princess Twilight Sparkle  (50x50) 
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Isn't it called the Friendship Federation (or Alliance)
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I've seen pins of these but what exactly are they?
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These emblems are very good looking!
I'm just curious though. Is it you who designed every single emblem found in this list or some of them were designed by other people?
I know these emblems existed for some time, but I still don't know who came up with them, so that's why I'm asking :)
I also have all of them as pins made by :iconchaosdrop: (except the Crystal Empire - Sombratic Rule, since the guys who made the pins didn't make this one)
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Yes, I made them all. It's kinda shocking how popular they became seeing as the first three I made (Solar Empire, New Lunar Republic, and United Equestria) are literally nothing but school doodles I made in Illustrator one day while everyone else in my class was learning the basics of the program. I made the rest because they're fun to design.
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Nice! I'll be sure to check out any new emblems you'll make if the show gives enough info on a race or group of ponies. Keep up the good work!
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I'd like to use this a the symbol for the Twilight Rebublic against the evil Rainbow Factory
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Do you mind if I laser cut this out for my desk (It'll sit inside a groove I'll cut out)
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go right ahead!
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Welp, I finally got the laser cutter to work (Mercury servicing team took the cutter out of action) and I realized that I can't design for crap.  I'll have another go tomorrow with a better understanding of sizes and scales in 2D design

Thanks once again for letting me use it!
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I'll be blunt can I use all of them for a fimfic I'm working on?
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