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Star Swirl the Bearded

My interpretation of Star Swirl the Bearded, the father of the amniomorphic spell and the most important conjurer of the Preclassical era.

Yes, he's writing two things at the same time. He's THAT good!

Already had three people post comments about Star Swirl being a 'Hairy Potter' because of his amniomorphic spell.
No more, please.
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You know im always confused on what color StarSwirl is cause i see so many different pictures of him
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May I please use this picture for my story on Fimfiction?
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Pardon me for saying this, but he reminds me of Gandalf.
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I agree. And one more thing... YOU. SHALL. NOT... PASS!
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star swirl is dicord just know it
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Given that your design has become the generally accepted design of Star Swirl the Bearded, could you do some more vectors of this design?
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only once a year in october
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I made this with this image along with some others. I truly believe he should be the voice of this character. Tell me what you think.

Star Swirl The Bearded Voiced by Corey Burton
I hope you don't mind if i use your designs for my fanfiction. Does anyone know of fanfic on the on the history of Equestria aka the "Hearths Warming episode".

I'd appreciate it
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Kinda used your pic here for reference while making my Halloween costume this year, I hope you don't mind.Love
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I have a feeling Twilight would take romantic interests in him =P
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Ninjad this for the cover of my FiM story.

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Ah, like Leonardo daVinci.
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Isn't "amnio" also used for like, uterus stuff? Like Amniocentisis or Amniotic Fluid? What if "Amniomorphic" has to do with changing ponies in the womb? Like making it so that ponies weren't born with disabilities or something?
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I'll bet he's gonna to be a villian
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Taking heed that this piece is probably one of the first concept ideas globally
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Which makes me think with that amniomorphic spell and some reading via the wiki makes me think that Spike still has an important role to play being the old ball in the plot.
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I used it for a comic: [link]. I hope you don't mind and thanks :D
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Nice, this is starswirl IX
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Reminds me of Sentinel Prime from Transformers Dark of the Moon
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Yo, I used this: [link]
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