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Solar Empire Emblem

Something I did in class today while everybody else was getting started on the basics of Illustrator. I don't know why I love making stuff for the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic. I just do.

Feel free to use this so long as you link back here.

SVG: [link]


Solar Empire
New Lunar Republic
United Equestria
Changeling Swarm
Order of Discord
Griffon Kingdom
Crystal Empire
Crystal Empire (Sombratic Rule)
Twilight Alicorn
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Luckilly this will NEVER EVER happen in the show. That would require destroying everything Princess Celestia is. And twisting it into something vile.
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The idea that Celestia would ever create an empire goes against everything she is. To me anyway.
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I'm of huge Celestia fan and already know It will never happen.
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There's a second Equestria Girls Parody Series wikia, so I'll link to the article using this picture:…
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I used this logo for this Wikia article about a fan-made Equestria Girls video, as it appeared in the video to represent Principal Celestia's Solar Empire:

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Used here THANKS A LOT !
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Hiya! I used this here, in chapter 4:…
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eye of sauron, anyone?
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More like an Eye of Sauron with golden wings.
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partly used it for this logo:
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Solar Empire creed- 'My Light is bright, we shall prevail; Love and compassion shall not ever fail! The night is fleeting, the sun is sublime; Celestia protects her ponies for all time!'
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Used in a decal I had made: [Link]
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this is so awesome all hail the solar empire!
May I use your emblem on a magic the gathering alternate art i would be making it just fits so well as a white mana. I would put your name as the artist.  
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I was gonna use this to make a flag for a Solar Empire Cosplay.  Idk how I'd link back here though :<  
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the link back rule is primarily to make sure the source of the emblem is traced back to here because it's incredibly easy to have something like this get lost down the road. its nearly impossible to have everybody link here back to the source since there are some people who will find it on like google images and use it but that's not nearly as common as it could be with this rule in place.

but with things like cosplays, the rule obviously cant apply nor would it apply since theres no fear of someone duplicating it from that medium. because of this, i really have no problem with people using these emblems for cosplays so if you want to use it, be my guest!
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may i have this made into a patch?
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^ 7^ Sweet!  Thank you so much!  Ive always loved your symbols!
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Modifying for reasons.
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