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Order of Discord Emblem

I've been wanting to make this for a while but it's very tricky to capture all of Discord in a single emblem. That's why it's just so busy.

Feel free to use this for wallpapers or whatever, just be sure to link back here!

SVG: [link]


Solar Empire
New Lunar Republic
United Equestria
Changeling Swarm
Order of Discord
Griffon Kingdom
Crystal Empire
Crystal Empire (Sombratic Rule)
Twilight Alicorn
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ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
That would definitely be Discord's Cutie Mark should be be a PonyLove !
DeppressedUnicorn's avatar
I'm kinda stuck now. Luna or discord? Chaotic art, or Beautiful night? eeeeeeeehhhhhhh >.<
owl--star's avatar
I love how it's so different from all the rest, really emphasises Discords randomness. Also, a circle has infinite sides, that's clever.
The Order of Discord. How deliciously paradoxical. And expected of Discord.
kc2014's avatar
My kp senses are tingleing, I have a feeling she's gonna join this one ;p
Lirokun-the-Cat's avatar
X3 Heheheheheh..... Order of Discord? Beats everything else in my books.*Joins*
Centaur71's avatar
Tumultuous enigmas travel to your door; the Chaos of Dischord triumphs once more...
Sweetie-bot3000's avatar
The Order of Discord. Said to be one of the oldest religious groups in Equestria. Odd that Discord, the cult's point of worship, is the embodiment of Chaos yet the cult's name has Order in it. It's probably a nod to how random Discord can be. Since their leader's defeat and petrifaction, the Order went underground, keeping their chaos activities a secret, least they executed if found by the Solar Empire. But have slowly started to reemerge, some however splintering as Discord was reformed. Either they believed Discord was no longer the Chaos he once was, or this was a way to spread chaos themselves, it's unknown at this time.
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
He is being chaotic!  It just doesn't seem like it unless you look at the big picture.

He'd been destructive and oppressive for thousands of years.  To continue that path would be an act of ORDER, not Chaos. 
SEGASister's avatar
I'll use this as a tattoo one day ^^
DJMorphasis's avatar
"Oder of Discord" ...Don't get me wrong this is awesome but doesn't it sound a little oxymoronic?
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Of course! He is Discord after all, why should anything make sense?
DJMorphasis's avatar
Well that is true. By the way, thanks to you making these faction symbols, when ever I can, I'm going to get a big United Equestria symbol tattooed on my chest. (Sorry if that was really weird.) ^^;
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Nah it's your body you can do what you like. I've had people saying they want to get tattoos of some of the other emblems and I just think it's super cool that anyone would like my art so much that they'd be willing to put it on their body! 
DJMorphasis's avatar
okay. I just wanna make myself look like a weirdo.
AngelsKarith's avatar
i find it ironic its named Order of Discord since his the god/spirit of chaos but he does have a twisted sense of humor
AAlpha248's avatar
Looks like HAL
Xenomaster's avatar
i think another name could be the Ministry of Chaos
this symbol is staring into my soul....
JettWing's avatar
That name is just discord's way of confusing people :P
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