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New Lunar Republic Emblem [VIP]

The original is old and was meant to be nothing more than a school doodle. If you want the REAL version, this is it.
But to be honest, this was slapped together at 4AM and is a million times cooler than my original. Maybe I'll redo the Solar Empire one too. Maybe I'll redo all of them? IDK

(Stash doesn't allow SVG files, what's up with that??)
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i think of teh vip ones as just that 
passes for the high forality ponies 
u know the rich the prince/ss outsiders  the well respected
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
Make all of them, i have plans to make an elite squad for each faction.
Nishi199's avatar
Well, as I said, I made a new flag using that emblem.
SilverSlinger's avatar
Well, hopefully people still like the old designs enough to purchases my badges at Bronycon. I already finished them.
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Oh I'm sure they'll still be just as popular as they are now, they're just about everywhere at this point lol.
SilverSlinger's avatar
lol good point! I do love the new designs, btw.  Well done!
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HelveticaHooves's avatar
I'm on the Lunar Republic's side
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
inb4 37 wallpapers are made
WireCharm's avatar
This is grate.
ScrwLoose's avatar
very elegant 
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Airhogsborne's avatar
That is awesome! I'd love to get an NLRAF Patch for paintball and airsoft. Gotta love best Princess and her republic lol.
Nishi199's avatar
Seems like I'll have to make and get new flag ;-;
TheShadowStone's avatar
I love the use of the 'Nightmare' wings in this :D It looks amazing, Emkay!
Emkay-MLP's avatar
Glad someone noticed lol! I tried Luna's wings but they were too floofy
KibbieTheGreat's avatar
This one looks legit Sisterkay!
Emkay-MLP's avatar
hell yeah kibbro
CrimsonColt7's avatar
this is cool, can't wait for Solar Empire, Crystal Empire, King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis version.
MrWonderWorks's avatar
& The Twilight Sparkle Alliance?
CrimsonColt7's avatar
By that you mean the mane 6 ? Yes please.
MrWonderWorks's avatar
Well I Mean The Princess Twilight Sparkle Alliance Logo Since Twily's The Princess Of Friendship You Know?
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