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Griffon Kingdom Emblem

I blame popular demand for this.

Feel free to use this for wallpapers or whatever, just be sure to link back here!

SVG: [link]


Solar Empire
New Lunar Republic
United Equestria
Changeling Swarm
Order of Discord
Griffon Kingdom
Crystal Empire
Crystal Empire (Sombratic Rule)
Twilight Alicorn
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I swear I doodled something similar to this in my notebook years ago. Here's to convergent design! High-five! 
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this looks like triforce but its awesome!!
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too bad there's no Emblem for Nightmare Moon's legion (it could be the New Lunar Republic but with an eye and bat wings)

[Edit i spoke too much ^^]
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Very pretty.

I am actually just getting ready to post an MLP fic set in the Griffon Kingdom. May I use this image as the cover art?

If you do not respond, I will assume no, so no need to worry.
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Long live the Romulan Empire!
The Griffon Kingdom. A kingdom that values the phrase 'Survival of the fittest'. The kingdom is often ruled by their best warrior. There are two ways to become king and that is only if you're a griffon. One, one must be born into the current royal family. Two, one must defeat the current king in combat, often times to the death. Because of the second rule, there has only been one prince that has ever been crowned king in all of the kingdom's history. Maybe because the new king has the old royal family executed as to prevent any of coming back for revenge.
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In other words, MLP's Europeans.
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Hey, would you mind if I made a pack of Kerbal Space Programflags using your emblem designs?
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Thanks! Just uploaded them:
I'm going to be doing a Griffon related post for an AU I am considering writing on Fimfiction, would you mind if I used this image?
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im planning to write a fanfic with The Griffon Kingdom attacking like all of Equestria or something, and I may use this sometime, if you don't mind.
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i dont mind at all
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kay, I just made the cover page, but I didn't use the emblem at all, but I might write something about it in my fanfic that im writing.[link]
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For a moment I thought it lacks a beak, but now that I see it, yeah, I like it lots.
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