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Crystal Empire Emblem

Well that was fast, wasn't it?

Feel free to use this for wallpapers or whatever, just be sure to link back here!

SVG: [link]


Solar Empire
New Lunar Republic
United Equestria
Changeling Swarm
Order of Discord
Griffon Kingdom
Crystal Empire
Crystal Empire (Sombratic Rule)
Twilight Alicorn
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Hiiii, i came to ask your permission to use this cutie mark on one of my ocs, can i?

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Oops...almost forgot something, the image.

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Used in conjunction with the United Equestria Emblem to create a custom profile picture and inline image for a character profile. Created a dropdown with links to both images on the profile.

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Thanks for posting it, it's really nice, I used it here :
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Used, and credited of course, in recent video, hope that's alright:……

am i the only one that thinks behind the titel is your emblem?
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Is there a Tirek and starlight emblem in the way?
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Could I use this for a group of mine?
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2  questions:

Is this the actual emblem, or your own personal design?
I see you said it can be used in wallpapers, could I use it in a painting I'm working on? (yes, I will link you and give you the link to the final posting).
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It's my own design, and it could be used in anything you want, really. I only ask that people provide a link back to the page whenever possible (though sometimes it's not and that's understandable). So yeah, you can use it!
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How did you think of the ideas for the emblems? I mean Solar and Lunar, yeah, those two were givens (XD) but the others? Also what program did you use?
I'm asking out of curiosity because I'm trying to make my own kingdom emblem (not for a MLP verse but for something I'm working on) and.....yeah, brain fart :p
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The ideas come from some doodling and experimentation, and I use Adobe Illustrator for all of my emblems.
Also a tip for making your own emblem: It's easier to create half of an emblem and then copy and flip it to make the other half than it is to create the whole thing and worry about it not being perfectly symmetrical. This way, it will always be perfectly symmetrical with only half the workload.
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Princess Credenza'a Royal creed; 'The Crystal tower stands straight and tall, the Crystal Heart shall act as our wall; As enemies come with swords and knives, the power of Love will protect all our lives!'
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Used as a part of our group avatar:
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I'm going to have to keep a track of you. And speaking of tracks, each of these emblems deserves some background music.
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The Crystal Empire Has An Emblem Now. Nice!
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I jsut looove your emblems! I used this one here: [link]
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Requesting to use this for a convention website and promotion material. Is that okay with you if properly credited?
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