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Artificial Alicorn

quickfix is best pony
you cant deny this

ok you can but im not gonna enjoy it

SVG (which looks nothing like this) [link]
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My pony likes her very much. :3
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Quickfix looks a lot like Silver Spanner, but it's nice to see awesome art like this. Is this vector art?
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Quickfix and Silver Spanner are one and the same, this was drawn long before she was given an official name.
And yes, this is 100% vector art.
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Quickfix is a cyborg Alicorn? who knew?
Totally awesome in every imaginable way.
This picture is fantastic! Is there any chance I would be allowed to use this image in a fanfic project I am working on? Naturally I would link it back to you :)
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Nice ^^ Hope nothing goes wrong mid flight
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quick fix is easily my second favorite none speaker pony (its her partner "mjola").

yep awesome (like the idea).

seriously i would love to see them again.
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augmentation, nice.
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I dont think this is at all Steampunk
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You're a unicorn who gave himself wings, I'm a pegasus who made herself a horn. We Artificial alicorns should hang together. :D
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Not my unicorn actually. [link]
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If they ever make a steampunkish or any other technological themed episode in the show ... this should be it!
I like this, she's cute. she reminds me of my own High Teck. an Earthpony who builds a machine to help him to fly. though his is more like a VTOL Jet pack.
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I like the concept of a non pegasus trying to fly. Very deep tbh.
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Damn, I need to get some of those wings!
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Ohh!Quickfix is the best pony!My favorite pony!I love her!!!!!!!
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She's cute and cool and omg.

Those wings look deadly, though.
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Haha, I know right? She better not fly too close to anyone, you don't want to poke someone's eye out with those things.
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