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A Heart That Shines so Beautiful

A Rarity to come by.
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Why can't somone write an AU fanfic, where the Nightmare Forces did the logical thing: kidnapped and took over all of the Mane Six?
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This Dark Rarity have a amazing look!  Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]  Congratulations by this great work,my dear! Asuna Cute Gesture Icon 
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Hate to do this again. But doesn't a heart shine beautifully?
I love Nightmare Rarity, she's 20% more bad ass then Nightmare Moon! :D
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so beautiful I love the cutie mark and the main 
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Gotta love that Nighmare Raarity :)  <3
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She looks simply Darling! :D Love 
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she is so cool when shes ten feet tall and trying to destroy us all....
nice work!
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wow you draw so good....
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Rarity is still hot, even if she possessed by a being of ultimate evil.
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Love this style! O 3 O
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She should be careful with that sharp horn
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Absolutely Fabulous! I like this character design and you have captured it excellently :)
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This. Is. AWESOME.
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Now I can really see how she'd look in the show!
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Really like this design! Good work on it!
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Im not big fan of her, but you did her wonderful.
Especial the position of the hind hooves are great :3
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This is the best Nightmare Rarity I've seen.  That mane.  :heart: 💖 :heart:
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