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Published: February 13, 2009




The South Park Doujinshi Collab is another SPBP book. It's a collaboration between artists! Hopefully it'll be available by the end of March. You can read more here:


And you guys need to finish your Pr0n entries by 11:59PM on Valentines!! More information here:…

(( Ooh, my subscription is over  ;-; ))
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I want to sign up to make one of these...
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There hasnt been any updates for a while about it, huh? D: Is it cancelled?
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I... don't know, actually *ashamed*
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lol dont be ashamed I was just curious
It would be a pity if its cancelled...
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Matt and trey know about it? if soo i'd be soo jealous of you><, copy right stuff and just *shrugs* neat i gotta re watch you new account :P
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Biju-no-ShukakuHobbyist Digital Artist
I has questions! D:

How much do you think it'll be?
When will it be available?
Where will it be available?
How many copies are being made?
Is there any way you can pay in advance to be sure to get one?

Sorry I have so many questions. D:
I really want one. >>
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...*WAITS A MONTH -u-*

Ohhh hey can I ask a question? This doujinshi is to be bought, right? D: Is it only payable through paypal? @_@
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If I miss out on buying this one again, I'm gonna shoot myself.
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Oh noez
your pretty sxk header is gone D:
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I'VE SO sketched it all out... but.. have yet to clean it up. I've shaded.. half of one page. <<;;;;; ...and I have two final art projects due next week and am out of town this weekend ROFL ROFL I suck at this I'm going to be cramming from thursday to saturday orz ;;;;;;;

Who did you do your comic on~? *O*
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Biju-no-ShukakuHobbyist Digital Artist

I really wanna buy one. I was too late for the last one, but I am determined to buy one this year! >D

I'd totally join in for it, but deadlines are too much pressure. D: aaaand I'd have no idea what to do. *would load it full of unwanted Damien/Pip faggotry*
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Sounds awesome!
I would sign up but I know I wouldn't finish it D8

Ur new journal is very cute btw <3
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Oh, shit, by the way, your new journal header is beautiful.
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I have to drop out of this. God, I really don't want to.
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WHAT Why? ;-; I was totally looking forward to you being in there... And you'd be totally able to lie about being ';published' xDD

And thank you, hun <3 But really, I hope you can! You have a good 21 days to try to write something short and sweet (though that might be hard :0 All your stuff is wonderfully long :heart: )
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(I can't do your contest and the ... SPBP ... thing. And I can't draw, so it would just be a bunch of text. It's supposed to be a comic, and I had a collaborator a year ago when I signed up, and she dropped out, and ... I need like a day to make a decision. I can't wait to see what you do, though.)
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If you need an extension, I'll give it to you! I think I said that If anyone needed more time for the fanfiction, I'd push the due date back. (but no to the fanart. Most people do it last minute anyways xD)

And dude...We should totally do a collaboration. Not for this SPDC (or whatever they're calling it now) but for fun. Unless you want it to be for the SPDC, which is cool too, since my ideas are shit right now hahaha. AND MY COMIC IS SO SHORT. AUGJDSFgh. I only have 7 sketchy pages waiting to be inked and toned and I really want to do another story to fill that 20 page limit.
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Yeah, okay. ... How long can I have my deadline extended to? It would really help. (If the deadline was January 15, by the way, I was just going to write something shitty and enter it in anyway.)

Dude! Do you want to collab on the SPDC? I would be down for that; I could feel like I didn't abandon it and simultaneously hide behind someone way more talented. E-mail me if you want to, because I totally would.
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At the VERY, VERY LATEST... March 1st. Is that cool? I don't want you to be too stressed out about it. I should just extend the fanfiction a little more, maybe? I'll make a poll about it on Y!Gallery and see if the fanfic-er's need more time.

I don't think I know your email, yo! But YEAH that sounds awesome! BUT. BUT BUT BUT-
It can't be too long. I only have 2 weeks to do it all, and that doesn't include your writing or planning, which might also take a couple days, and maybe we should talk about this somewhere? Do you have MSN?
SekritOMG's avatar
I just ate a candy bar I reallllly shouldn't have eaten. But it was delicious! And I have a horrible headache. ... So, yeah, I can get something done by March 1. In fact, I would want to get something done before then, because I have a paper due the next day. Are any writers other than me planning on entering?

I think I have an MSN account but ... I've basically never used it. To be honest, I don't do a hell of a lot of chatting, but my e-mail is I bet we can figure something out.
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Oooh, you're sugar crashing! That or you got your candy bar from China and you're poisoned with metals. C: *gives you advil*

Yeah, maybe one or two? Not too much competition in the fanfiction area so far. In fact, there's none xD No one uploaded anything yet, which is a good thing! I mean, if they uploaded it before the extension, I'm sure they'd be pissed XD

And okay, I shall email you after this! Be prepared to be emailed!
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mooseyhatStudent General Artist
Ugh...yeah I'm in the sketching stage too. Eek! I need to get mah butt in gear.
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Pyra-DemeitraStudent General Artist
Is this something people can buy? I'm interested if so.. ^__^;
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Okay, I am almost positive that if I decide to participate I won't get accepted, because A) I don't have any good ideas and B) I'm a little confused and C) I'd like to leave this hunk of awesomeness to the pro's.
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