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Published: December 6, 2010

I-I just tried to make an improvement meme for 2010

but then I realized I didn't draw at all this year
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I just read this entire comment thread and it's the most heart-breaking thing ever. (Well, I mean, not really, but -- you get me.)

There are, like, 10,000 ways to be aggressive. What is the word "normal" doing in a conversation about SP fan porn?
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I'm sorry Sekrit. If there's any consolation, I'm not directing this aggression of mine towards anyone I know.

I'm just tired man. I'm tired of the fandom. I honestly liked it way back when we were a wee little community, but then I come back and we're this huge metropolis and it feels like everything's so different now. And then there's the whole girly kyle thing, which I didn't mind back then, because it wasn't so in your face, but it's all I see in this fandom. What happened to Kyle being aggressive? Are these even the same characters anymore?

I don't know, maybe I'm just getting old.
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I wasn't, say, personally hurt -- it's just frustrating to read people in general bashing a fandom you still like/participate in. (Then again, why am I reading this weeks after it was posted? It's this or watch "It's a Wonderful Life," sheesh.)

I get frustrated because there are so many stupid idiots in the fandom, and there's very little fic I actually want to read. The problems I have with the art are the same problems I've always had, which is that most of it's boring and repetitive.

On, say, differing Kyles: They're based on the same character, but of course someone drawing girly Kyle isn't writing about the same thing that was being illustrated in 2006 or 7. For one thing, characterization marches on. For another, fanon goes through trends.

Honestly, I don't feel this fandom is very big at all, but maybe that's because it's quite decentralized.

I don't know about getting old, but you were in the fandom a long-ish time and might still be fond of the show but are over it. It happens to everyone at some point, although some slower than others. (If you'd asked me in early 2008 if I thought I'd be writing SP fic in three years I would have been like, "I hope not.") Your tastes changed and you're into different things. I feel like I have more things to write about SP and the characters in it and I want to keep talking about what Stan and Kyle would be like if they were gay etc etc. So, I don't know, what the hell am I talking about? Oh yeah, this sandwich isn't very good.
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Missed ya ;m; I hope you do draw again you seem to have a lot of troubles and really busy ;-;
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:hug: Nah I'm fine. I'm just one of those easily stressed out people! You know the ones that at the mere drop of a pin, start running around and freaking out? That's me.

Hopefully now that life is a little slower I can get back into the groove of things again.
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That's good glad it's all well :3

Btw what happened to the SPHS pic you drew for me it's gone in your gallery ;-;
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:D Sorry, I laughed when I read that. It's okay. I used to write epic length novels every year, I don't think I wrote more than a paragraph for fun. Too much school, work, friends, and boyfriend. Which is sad because I love writing! This year I hope to do more writing, so I hope you plan to do more art this year! I love looking at your stuff! :3
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Nah, it's fine. Although it sounds like you're life has definitely turned for the better!

And I'll try do to more art if you do more writing? Deal? :>
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We have a deal! Good luck to ya, because I'm going to need it! Lol...
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Come draw Tekkonkinkreet with me~
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what is tekkonkinkreet

why is it such a long word

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And this can be the only reason why anyone should watch it

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oh my god that's beautiful
Well I see where you get part of your inspiration from
but MAN i can't even
oh my goodness

*dlin' now*
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And once youve watched it you get to hear me bitch about how I cant sew for shit, but the minotaur mask is in fact coming along nicely~
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Man, that's gonna be amazing I know it
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I for one would love to see you return to the SP scene, but honestly, draw the stuff that inspires you the most. You should never stop drawing~ continued drawing is how you improve! You don't have to submit it to DA, but just go crazy with it!

But on a selfish note, the fandom is really lacking fan art in the /y/ depo and I for one considered your art amongst the best in that field. Not just for smut reasons but you REALLY captured the emotions/characteristics of the characters in those situations. I really miss your art in General, and you personally!

Regardless of what you did do with your year however, I hope that it was great and enjoyable all around! :D

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longest comment ever hahah <3

And I know I should draw, but I feel so burnt out with it. Especially during January 2010 till recently. I was too busy stressing over my marketing job, which made me too exhausted to do anything but crawl into bed and sleep.

And AFLKDSJgslfj
Thanks to you I just went looking through all my south park porn and now i'm so embaressed *hides* fjdklgjlf oh god hahahah (and you really think this fandom's lacking in the porn? i don't think so! I've seen a lot! ...Granted, most of it's from japanese artists, but still..)

And I hope to draw a little more! I think all I need is just another fandom to get me going again. :hug: But thanks so much for being so awesome, I really 'preciate it.
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No problem! and whatever fandom you find I know they'll be ENTHRALLED to have you!

Yeah, but it's mostly the same stuff! I want some new content D:!! I think I just need to get a picv account...

BTW - Have any interest in Batman? I went strolling around that fandom for a while and it's AMAZING! Sometimes when SP isn't doing it for me I go back and I'm never disappointed...
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I'm currently in the L4D2 fandom, but it only feels kinda temporary atm. Gotta find me a new one-!

And Batman, huh? I can see how you'd get into that, but it just never stuck with me. How'd you get into it? (and how's the fandom like? What kind of batman are we talking about here? xD)

and lol, you know what I noticed about the SP fandom? I know before we were girlifying Kyle a lot, but now it seems like we're making A GIRL (HE ALWAYS BOTTOMS WHY. HIS PENIS NEEDS LOVE TOO). Maybe it's because I took off my fangirl glasses, but that just bothers me now :< Like, if I was ever going to draw South Park again, I'd definitely stay clear from girly!Kyle.
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So true! The mega monster fanfic I just wrote focuses on Kyle manning up and being his own independent person, definitely not the Girly!Kyle we've been getting. I like small Kyle, like, him being the smallest of the four, but I definitely like him being a top. It's the sexiest thing EVER. He's almost as much of a sadist as Eric...

And with Batman, it was Batman Returns and the new Arkham Asylum games. I also cosplayed Nurse!Joker for a friend, TDK helped too. I just loved Joker and his whole story, and soon enough I loved Harley too... which led to me loving Harley/Ivy and then my love for Catwoman grew more because of Gotham Girls and UGH! It was just great. The characterizations in the fandom are so intricate and so many comic book artists have their own renditions and it's just DELICIOUS to get into. It can get a little overwhelming since it's so massive so I take breaks going back and forth between SP. But I'd definitely check out the Animated Series to get into it, and then span into like, the movies and if you have an Xbox or a PS3 Arkham Asylum is AWESOME. Okay I'll shut up now, lol.

ANYWAY. There's always new possibilities. My boyfriend LOVES the L4D series, peeeeeeeels. <33
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But seriously, I haven't been able to read a south park fanfic in so long because I'm sick of reading all those girly, delicate, helpless Kyle's. I mean C'MON are we talking about the same Kyle here?!

And I read Batman Beyond for a moment and that made me so happy, but then I read it again and ... nope. I loved Terry in BB. Batman returns is just as awesome too. And unfortunately I never had a chance to play with the Arkham Asylum games; Heard they were amazing though! AND HARLEY/IVY YES YES YES. I love those two. I know I've searched for pictures of those two because they make the cutest couple/friends/whatever.

About the fandom, it's like you said, it has such a huge history, I know I'd get super lost in it hahaha. You recommend the animated series first though right? The older one? (with that awesome beginning song?)

WE NEED TO PLAY TOGETHER SOMETIME if you have the game because that would be amaaaaazing
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D: totally! LOL I need to tell my boyfriend to teach me how to play... lol.

::gasp:: You're interested?! I will say, I can't believe how awesome my reviewers are so, I can recommend this fic openly since I'll rely on their words of awesomeness. It took me all year but um, it's over 300,000 words of Kyman goodness. I will say though that I poured my heart and soul into it. Here's the link - [link]

If you end up reading it I'll be so stoked!

But back to Batman, yes the series with the AWESOME opening. It's called very stately "Batman The Animated Series", very art deco and dark. I would totally start with that whenever you find yourself with some free time. Like, I think you should watch Harley and Ivy and some of the Harley centric episodes since they are usually the best. But watching all of them, honestly it's all great!
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I'll be putting it in my tabs to read in a little bi- OH MY GOD 300,000 WORDS.

holy shiiiit, girl, you definitely outdone yourself. I love long-fic <3

I will be nostalgia rushing thanks to you. Hope you're happy. :I

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