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Published: November 8, 2010
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looks like a certain smoker has a crush on our hick!

first thing i've drawn in months. I can't believe i finished this. Supposedly took about 4-5 hours ish? idk

here's the WIP pics if anyones interested: [link]

ellis (c) Valve
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mirrorsandapplesStudent Digital Artist
I LOVE THIS :iconallmyloveplz: poor Ellis XD
What program did you use to paint it? 
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Whoops, sorry about the late response! I forget about my DA all the time. I used Photoshop on this one only.
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freeflushotsHobbyist General Artist
I reeeaaally shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do... <3
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Awsome -with a really frikking big A.
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Rapid gunfire. "Smoker's around!" Rochelle screamed, having to scream above the chaos of the horde closing in.
"Where?!" Everything was getting blurry - it was so damn hard to keep his head clear. "I can't see i--"
"Jockey on Coach!" Nick screamed, hacking into a young woman's collar-bone. "One of you guys go to get him - I'm a little busy!"
God DAMN it... Ellis took out a shot of adrenaline, and quickly emptied it into his thigh. "I'm on it!" he cried as he took out his baseball bat, and began furiously clubbing at the horde so that he could finally reach coach.

It wasn't until it was too late that he heard that awful noise that sounded like a snake slithering out of a corpse.

Ellis shrieked and began swinging wildly as he was pulled off in another direction. "S...Smoker's got me!" He gulped in a quick breath, knowing it might be his last. "Somebody help! Get it off me!"
"Ellis! Hold on!" Rochelle screamed.
"God DAMN it!" Nick.

Ellis's vision was getting blurry. Damn it, I AIN'T goin' down without a fight! he thought, twisting around as best as he could so that he could properly deal with his captor. He gripped the bat, tightly, preparing to swing. "Eat this, ya ugly sunnuva--h-hey!"

The horrid thing clutched the bat tightly, and hacked in Ellis's face, spewing terrible-smelling spores everywhere.

Ellis was fully intending to wrestle it from that bastard's grasp, when, suddenly, his eyes widened.
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ToejonesStudent Digital Artist
I love the coloring and Ellis' expression! The poses are also really dynamic~
In the WIP it looks like you originally had them separated by a railing. If that's the case, I think it would have been cool to keep it there.
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No! Not Ellis!! :U
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I just got L4D2 for Christmas... and my first game I played as Ellis...
I lost track of how many Special Infected attacked me.

... Especially Smokers. >.<;;;
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But sorry, to the point - this picture's awesome!! :D
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Because this happened in my game! ~
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Drivingblind666Hobbyist General Artist
LOL this is awesome! Excellent work on the shading and dark tones in this! :love:
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mooseyhatStudent General Artist
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DeadDancersHobbyist Traditional Artist

I love it! The expression, the pose, the lighting - all awesome.
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ManicTeaCupHobbyist Digital Artist
aah!! this is AMAZING!! Ellis AND the smoker looks just like the characters in game @w@ and the colours look beautiful~
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Aww thanks! I'm trying to draw them more, but L4D2 is a really hard thing to draw for some reason.
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ManicTeaCupHobbyist Digital Artist
well practice makes perfect? haha :heart:
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Xiaine Digital Artist
YOU'RE ALIVEEEEEEE. : D Yay L4D2 ~~ Ellis is just a zombie magnet: D
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Xiaine Digital Artist
YOU'RE ALIVEEEEEEE. : D Yay L4D2 ~~ Ellis is just a zombie magnet: D
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Darling! I've missed you so much! I liketh it... But anyways... Note me your number... I lost it again...
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Baka-LeeHobbyist General Artist
Ooohh, yes he does, doesn't he? ;p

This is awesome and somehow very, very hot.
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