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Am I late to the party?
By emixoO   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: February 4, 2012
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Whoops, looks like ranma forgot to go into girl-mode this time. Poor Ryouga.

and lol, figures I'd get into a fandom 12 years too late. Sighhh
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SquibleyStudent General Artist
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biggreenpepperProfessional Artist
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forestchild776Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^ ~ nice ! (>//<)/
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cocodesboisHobbyist Traditional Artist
really cute !
the expressions are beautiful !! :)
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Ranryo82Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Am I late to the party?"

Saotomes don't party til its good and fucking time to party.

(if anyone gets that reference I will love them forever ^)

...But anyways, the feels I am having for this picture. Man. Absolute lady boners all around. I've been dappling with some other slashes for the last little while, but I have never and will never forget my one true fandom and OTP. It's lovely gem pictures like this that bring me right back, too. Oh, and my username is kind of a bit of a constant reminder of that, too. Hehe.

Anyways the picture is pretty fantastic and sexy.



(...and make them fight for domination, oh man that would be pretty great)

(...and make Ranma lose.)

.... (likes uke!Ranma and regrets nothing. >3>)
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RavenTheraphosaHobbyist General Artist
lol this is sooo cute!
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Bisho-sStudent General Artist
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JenlinkittyHobbyist General Artist
Never too late to get into a fandom. :D
yurilover88's avatar
i need more of this in my life!!!! i have never EVER liked this pairing until 3 months ago..i always liked ranma x akane...but this!! way, WAY, WAYYYYY, hotter!!! just please do more!
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bloodyamoreHobbyist General Artist
its okay, this fandom keeps coming back~
emixoO's avatar
Sign of a good fandom amirite
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Wow! Ahaha! When I first saw Ranma 1/2 I was like 12! I've never even CONSIDERED looking into fanart and fanfiction for this...hmmm....
emixoO's avatar
12 year old faery ♥! D'aww! I was probably .. I don't even know- I remember seeing it the first time in Taiwan in Chinese of all things. I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade or something.
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hot4yaoiHobbyist Traditional Artist
really like this :3
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Holy cow, you're definitely not late to the party! There's never enough RanmaxRyouga in the world! I love this pairing and your artwork, so this is the perfect combination!
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I kinda misread the title as "Am I late to the tea party?" Awkward.
dark-birdie's avatar
OHMYLORD my secret OTP <333 this is awesome! hope to see more ranmaxryoga soon! *Q*
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I approve of this.
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EmuDeskPoptartHobbyist Digital Artist
wow this was the first anime I ever watched with subs, at the tender age of 9. I never even thought to ship this
but now
it just seems
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When you bring stuff like this to the table its never too late.
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Ranma can't even think about going to first base with any guy even in girl form, let alone actually going to second base in guy form... XD
emixoO's avatar
That's why artists like me exist to make it happen!
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