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3D Room Final
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Published: December 7, 2010
Betcha didn't know i could model, right? Well, I didn't either! xD Anyways, this is a final for my 3D modeling class.

I used Lightwave for this project (way outdated program, it feels like! No one ever uses it!) but I felt like I learned a lot. I'm no good, but it was still fun. Took forever and a day to render things all the time though!

Please tell me if it's too yellow. Sometimes my monitor mucks up colors like mad, so I can never tell :I

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whoa it's amazing,,
it is a bit empty but it must be hard to make such things
the furry carpet looks nice and soft i want to touch it *_*
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It's beautiful. :^) The lighting is great.
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I like the yellow. It's atmospheric.
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looks lovely. I'd like to live in a room looking like this one <33
I don't think it's too yellow, besides I like yellow light haha :D
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Wow i would like to have such a room :) !
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NOISEflowHobbyist Photographer
I'm in 3D class as we speak, and I feel as if it looks a bit too much plastic/cardboard like ..
But that's just my opinion
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haha nah dude, critique is perfectly fine! I see what you mean though. It kind of looks like the room of a dollhouse or something.

Ah well, already turned it in, not much I can do now.
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NOISEflowHobbyist Photographer
I never heard of the program that you used actually..
I prefer 3D's Max because it has way more capabilities.
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Yeah it's way outdated. It was used to make stuff like Jimmy Neutron. I do want to try 3D Max and Maya, but maybe another date hahaha
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NOISEflowHobbyist Photographer
You should, 3D's Max has so many possebilties, it's just amazing..
You can literally make everything in there. And it's not that hard actuelly,
once you grasp the basics..
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this is great!
i could never be able to do anything like that
the colours are fine
it feels relaxing
good job! <3
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DainisseHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow 3d~ it looks so good : D!! and the light is alright~
I really like the bed c:

I wish I could make 3D models too :c
Btw, what do you study? I'm still in high school and I wanna know some art options (uni) and you seem to enjoy this so far D: ... and looks so fun
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Haha, I like the bed too. And my plant. I'm really proud of my little plant XD

And you can! Just download a few trials if you can and play around with it. It's very confusing at first, but there are some tutorials out there that can help you. As for art options, it really depends on what college you go to. Some colleges have multiple options while others only allow you to drabble in studio art (which really means you're working on a lot of different types of art, not just specializing in one).

The state college I go to has a lot of options. You can get a B.A. or a B.F.A. and the only difference between the two really is that a student with a B.F.A. has a little bit more art under their belt. Just a little bit. It doesn't really matter though unless you're aiming to be an Art teacher, and even then you'll still have to get your masters, so it still doesn't really matter.

In our school you can major in Illustration (with some animation), Fiber, Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Art Education. There are some more out there, but you'll have to look into it. I'd recommend just going into the generalized art first so you have a chance to play around with a little bit of everything. You never know when you might like something like Ceramics, or something.

Also, I don't know If I recommend going into art school right away. You have to remember that art school is really expensive and it's only for people who are pretty much dedicated to making art their career and lifelong focus. If you do, then art school might be the place for you. If not, it might be better to go to a cheaper school and major or minor in it.

It really depends on you. You can always change your major at any time, but you also have to remember that changing your major costs money, effort, and wasted time (from all the classes you took before which now don't count towards anything).

Hope that helped!
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DainisseHobbyist Digital Artist
god I do love your 3D models XD
I'd be really proud if I make that plant too ;;

One time I tried to learn Maya... I made an ice cream cone! LOL
But still, it was so hard XD I guess I need to see more tutorials~

and btw... wow... you just helped me A LOT.
I didn't really know how this whole art school worked; my parents were pushing me to get some info about it... But I think it's better to ask current art students.
I think I'll go for general art at first then a major.
and I'm pretty sure to get into an art school; I've always wanted to study art as a career~

Thank you so much again :heart:
emixoO's avatar
Hey man, be proud! It's still better than I could have done when i was your age xD *so old now lol*

I recommend checking out the school too. I wouldn't know what it's personally like in art school, seeing as I'm only in a state university, which is much more casual than an art college. But seriously, before you apply, go check the place out. Ask yourself if you can imagine yourself being there. Check out the dorms. The people.

Another big issue is tuition. Will you be paying for college yourself? Do you need to take on a part time job? Get some loans? Art school tends to be around 30,000 to 50,000 dollars a YEAR with tuition costs rising every year. If you're going to an art school, you need to be financially and personally ready for it.

The other thing is, anime is often looked down on in art schools, I heard. So if you make a portfolio to get accepted, try not to put any kind of anime in it (or at least limit yourself to 1 or 2 if you can't help it). The people overlooking your stuff get bombarded with anime all the time. Instead, concentrate on sending them various life-studies, paintings, crafts, anything that shows that you stand out and that you have a basic knowledge of form and realism. Attend a portfolio review at a local college to get some feedback, or even ask your art teacher. Spend time drawing realism and making black and white value studies. When you're actually in art school, you'll be doing this kind of stuff for the first year all the time. You'll be doing paintings the size of the walls of your room. It'll be fun, but challenging.

And a word of warning: Just because you graduate from an art school doesn't mean you'll get into the art career or even get a job. Like any college, Art school is just a TOOL for you to use. You can graduate, but if you keep to yourself all the time in college, aren't motivated enough, or you make a shitty portfolio out of it, then you've wasted your time and money.

I'm not trying to scare you, but it really is a big decision. Think carefully. I recommend looking at conceptart.org and check out their forum.

Good luck :heart:
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DainisseHobbyist Digital Artist
LOLOL thanks~ XD

Oh my... so much...
But definitelly, I'll go and check the school, the place, what I need, everything.
I'm also trying to study anatomy and I'm seeing if I can get into drawing classes or something. I've been told anime isn't accepted properly in portfolios (which Im not surprised).

Damn, it scared me a bit; it really sounds changelling but I'm really decided to go for it. I would try to improve the most I can; just to get accepted in an art school XD

Thank you so much, thank you /sobs
You really don't know how much you're helping me D':
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Honestly, looking at your stuff, you'll do fine. You have a good concept of anatomy and clothing and all that jazz. Just make sure to do some studies in everything and I'm sure you'll be accepted.

:hug: You're welcome, bb anytime <3
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DainisseHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh mai thankss! D: and I'm so glad you think so... srsly :heart:
You just took so much weight off from me ;;
I'll keep studying and practicing harder! oh yeees~

Thank youuuuu so much Emixoo! I really appreciate it ;m;! <33
lol I just keep saying thanks... but really, thank you :heart:
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It's as if an Ikea room were sent gliding through the glorious plains of heaven.
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Alright, you made me laugh xD

But IKEA. AWW that would have been smart to grab an ikea book and look through it for room and chair models. FFF Why didn't I think of that. You're a genius!
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*Imagines Nick and Ellis on that bed...*

*Shakes her head violently*

Oh wait, what? Sorry, kind of just... spaced out there.
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Nah man, it's all about the rug.
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kapierenProfessional General Artist
This is pretty cool - seems surreal to.
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It's probably because it looks like the room is floating in the sky xD Thanks bro
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