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Commissions [7 slots open]

My journal with the price list has got 0 views, so I suppose something is wrong with it? I don't know if the Deviantart even showed it to you. That's why I am uploading the price list as a deviation.


My computer (what isn't even only mine) is a bit old and it crashes from time to time and doesn't let me draw then. I'm also worried I could lost my files if it broke down completely.

EDIT: it has just happpened a few days ago and now I'm in debt because I needed to buy new computer... I would be really grateful for every help.

So I want to start saving money for new one.

That's the reason why I opened commissions.

Higher is the price list as well as some info - you know where to find more examples of my art. Of course on my profile. Look mostly on my newer art, especially on fullbodies.
A big part of my artwork is experimental, so it can not be best example. 

Payment via Paypal, preferably before I start, but you can pay after I send you sketch of the commission if you wish.

Have a good rest of the day/night or whatever it is at your place ^^

Contact me on Discord if you prefer:  .Emisia.#1504

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