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Daruma Shrine (Jul 2015)

First collab with :iconnonokohime: !! 

This took an entire week but It's been awesome to join forces with her and I still can't believe we did such a cute and funny thing :V
Go take a look to her gallery, she's the queen of isometric buildings!

I also wanted to mention Cocefi:
One of my favorite artist and a great insp for us. Thanks for your water tutorials and stuff! Haha
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This is so cool I love it!
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Thank you so much! It's old but I still like it too ^^
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how do you animate all that stuff
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I animated this one in Photoshop, frame by frame! But I've been using Aseprite for a while now instead, which is much better for pixel animation if you are familiar with pixel art. 
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Aw aw aw thank you, kind soul! Haha
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very well done! the animation is just beautiful!
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Thanks! Glad you like it o(*>ω<*)o
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Yay, thanks a lot!
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Hey there's this really cool game called pheonotopia and it has this really cute pixelated style. Idk why I'm saying this but I'm looking at your art and I'm like, hey, they might like this game. Idk.....
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Oh, that game looks nice! Never heard of it tho. Simple, but kinda cool. Reminds me of this style, somehow -
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So nice, man. Cute and precise. The water is so... watery. Amazing. You two did a damn good job. Luv it.
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Aw, thanks mate! We followed a very good tutorial for the water, that helped a lot! But it was very hard work anyway. I'm glad you like it haha
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Awesome! Looks so great!:D (Big Grin) HappyHappy :happy: 
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*Dies out of adorablness overload*
How did the collab work? 
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I know, right? Haha that bouncy witch could kill you with her sweet smile
It worked perfectly! We started doing a bit of this and a bit of that without any specific plan, but since Nonoko is the isometric expert she ended up making more about the building, rocks and the distribution of the elements while I did most of the plants, characters and animations xD
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Un trabajo increible!! me encanta el efecto del agua y todos los personajes
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Muchas gracias! Los personajes ha sido lo más entretenido, pero todo ha dado guerra en general haha
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