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August 19, 2010
Street Fighter Tea Party by =frozenlilacs

The suggester says
"The scene is really funny and the colors are impressive!"
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Suggested by jcroxas
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Street Fighter Tea Party

ART OF CAPCOM 2! Available for preorder here: [link]

The assignment was to draw Capcom characters in situations they wouldn't normally be in. :)

Thanks all! <3 And thank you UDON!
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Cosaco's avatar
Nicely done, I like it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
allatartheblue's avatar
I love how gentle Zangief's hands can be. :love: I wanna cuddle him! He looks soooo cyuuuute! :squee:
Drbigfuck's avatar
is it me or does zangeif always show up in all the cute chun lee pics
Mc-Ryan's avatar
just try some tea Zangief, you might like it!
punbeard81's avatar
When, WHEN will they ever make a practical tea cup for the bear-wrestling sized man?
ShinobuThePixie's avatar
Oh Zangief, what are you doing? lol
ohTHATsean's avatar
He looks like he's trying so hard not to eat that teacup whole. Dainty is not a word Zangief is familiar with!
heidern242's avatar
henflay's avatar
Hi, first of all, congratulations for your portfolio. My name is Fly Mantoan and I have a site about art, culture and dance clubs on São Paulo, Brazil. I would like to use this art to ilustrate one of our dailly virtual flyers and give your credits! Fell free to decline it if you want to. Take a look:
HeatCrystal's avatar
Wasn't Zangief's fingers capable of breaking 5 glasses?
JRFreemanJr's avatar
holy crap this is awesome... :D
Flamme-Doudoune's avatar
I love it ! It's so funny !
mikaoikana's avatar
when I saw it in the book I really love it :D
blanket86's avatar
This is so beautiful! :-)
Enaicioh's avatar
Very nice work indeed. Lol this does make me laugh. But darn it Zangief you sip with your pinky out!

Chun-Li: anyway, I'm there with all the bags waiting for him to drive around and pick me up--Zangief you got enough room?
Zangief: Yeah--I'm good.
AbsolutVaklav's avatar
LOL! I really admire this guy's effort to fit in... Excellent picture! :D
SolidYuna's avatar
thats just too cute
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