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Self Portrait

Self-portrait done for my mom's Christmas present. Kinda leaned more toward art nouveau and the influence of Alphonse Mucha.

[Media] Painted in Photoshop, photo referenced used (didn't paint over or pick colors off of it).

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MUCHA! Such a great painter / artist.
I'm influenced by him, also by Klimt and Voka.

"my style" (very hipocrit isn't) is a mix of those three...

Expressive / Spontaneous / Realism
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Lovely! We featured this on our blog: [link]
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Ha, that's so cute!
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thats so brilliant.
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What a beautiful picture! Your mother should have been or was proud as a peacock to have this from you. You're a beautiful young lady and the Art Nouveau influence I have always agreed sets off the beauty of a a Lady's face. The Spider Chrysanthemums are drawn and placed perfectly but I regret you didn't use more of them over your right shoulder to fill in your space and continue the downward draw of your very exquisite ear-rings. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a t-shirt. You're use of colour and light is perfect here.
Either way, this is your Mother's Treasure as you are. Beautifully done!
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I only wish I could paint like you.
Um yeah.

You're not allowed to be this pretty.

Get ugly right now. >:3 jk
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Beautiful! I met you at Naka-kon (2007??) and bought one of your prints. I have it framed and I absolutely ADORE it.
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cutie pie!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful girl! ;)
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I like the influence of Art Nouveau in a lot of your art peices.
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The perfect way to show yourself to the world. Beautiful! And i loved this "celtic" background too.
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Wow! You're gorgeous!
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omfgjkfsgkjdf YOUR SO PRETTY!!!!!! im not used to my fave webcomic artists to be so cute! and your realism talent is sideways 8. :clap: lol
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Oh this is you? Wonderful work! You're very cute.
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Freckles... :love:
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