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Stitch Franchise Colors (+Line Art In Description)

All the color schemes Stitch has had throughout the franchise! Which one is your favorite?~ ^3^
Placed in Scraps because I wasn't invested enough to actually draw for this and traced this pose from a screenshot instead~ 3'X
I know five of them are almost identical, but there are slight differences between them (most noticeably with his ears and teeth), which made me feel the need to add them all.

Here's the line art I made for this:
Stitch Line Art (MS Paint) by emiemi345

-Excluding "Promotional Images", all colors come from screenshots of Stitch in broad daylight to ensure accuracy.
-Most of the time, his eyebrows will be the same color as his claws, and the markings on the back of his body are the same color as his paw pads.
-The Origin of Stitch is a short from the bonus features of the DVD of Stitch Has a Glitch.…
-Stitch & Ai is a new Chinese cartoon.…

Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Original color scheme from Stitch's first appearance.

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005)
Color scheme is slightly brightened and tinted green.

Stitch! The Movie (2003)
Color scheme is now massively saturated. Stitch will retain these colors throughout the rest of the franchise (excluding Stitch Has a Glitch) with miniscule variations.

Promotional Images
Used to promote the movie(s). Could also be clip art.…………
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His pigmentations seemed to change throughout the franchise. He looked a bit more teal and a bit greenish in Stitch has a Glitch.
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Huh never noticed that

I do like the first two, they are the most natural looking
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My favorite is the original color (from the first movie)
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i always noticed how disney always changes a character's color palette somewhat whenever they're in a new piece of media
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*jeffy voice* why they do that
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It doesn't matter what color Stitch is on the outside, it's what's on the inside that counts!
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LOL, true I guess~ X3
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Hi, emiemi345 as I found out you wrote Ai there a name of a girl from a new spin-off in your work so you gotta see this so come check out and look at this image Sparky and Ai should this be perfect now come on in there, comment your opinion and fave, rate inside the link to my page by clicking on it as this is something unusual they should do?
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Ahh, that would be cool if it was Sparky instead!~
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Um, sorry, I've already said everything I wanted to say~ ^^;
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Sorry, I already said no.
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The original Stitch is by far my favorite, The colours just seem more natural and its the artwork that i fell in love with in the first place.
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Yeeee, I fully agree!~ :D
I don't even see the point in changing his colors at all in the first place 3'X
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