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A violent end: LevixEren levi/eren by EmilyTheresa, literature

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A violent end: LevixEren levi/eren by EmilyTheresa, literature


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My Bio
WELL HELLO C: if you want to know my innermost secrets and favorite things read on

-My chemical romance saved me in every way a person can be saved
-I will support them to the end no matter what
-Gerard is one of the main influences that I am the person I am today along with marilyn manson, ronnie radke, and second to gerard, andy biersack.
-I love rock n roll thats mostly all I listen to, I don’t label and put sub genres on music, rock is rock, and its awesome that way.
-I have been drawing comics, and painting since I could first hold a paintbrush, It came naturally I’m currently working on something to submit to marvel about a heroine :D
-I also am heavily into comic books, I love them all, but loki and batman are my favorite characters
-I’m literally the whitest a person can be, no joke, the lightest foundation at the store is too tan for me.
-my laptop and ps3 are my babies I spend most my time on them
-I’m also in and out of depression spiraling from self hatred and family issues, I was depressed all of middle school and tried to kill myself twice and thought about it constantly, then I realized suicide is not the answer and you need to keep on living. if anyone ever needs to talk I guarentee you will feel better after talking to someone. <3 I’m always here
since I was about 8 or 9 I have been writing whether it be stories about fairies or about wars or even poetry. Since I can remember I have always wanted to be an inspiration, to mean something in this life, I’ve always wondered what that could be, then I got into my chemical romance around age 9 or so and I realized I would be in a rock band. Then I thought more, there is really not that many female bad ass rock stars, so I got this great idea and started thinking of the ultimate mostly girl rock band that would take over the world problem was i was only 12! So I waited and waited with ideas until about last year, I was 14 then when I became friends with my now best friend/ sister from another mister talya. I slowly learned she was a guitar and artistic genious we then realized we had a mutual love for marilyn manson and our bond grew so did our love and passion for music we could finish each others sentences of what the world needed in a band. it was magic. I started writing songs and it worked I guess I could write, I started singing to myself never around anyone and told talya I wanted to be the singer and frontman she loved the idea. With talya on guitar and backup vocals and myself in front singing we are unstoppable. Ideally by the end of next year we want to be touring doing homeschooling on the road, we want to start this now and get it fucking going because we are going to take the music industry by the neck and kill it. As of right now we call ourselves red masquerade. If anyone has name suggestions I’d love to hear it.
-(if you read this you know more about me then my peers and relatives will ever know.)

Favourite Visual Artist
stan lee
Favourite Movies
house on haunted hill
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
my chemical romance, alkaline trio, matt skiba, foster the people, paramore, misfits
Favourite Writers
James Patterson
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
wacom pen and touch tablet, my camera, paper and pencil
Other Interests
batman, transformers, comic books, the computer, drawing, painting, horror movies
Akham Asylum has become my life, I'm about halfway through it and it is by far the best game I have ever played. The character re-designs are so well done and the voice acting is spot on! Mark Hamill is just such a good joker &lt;3 My goal is too draw Harley Quinn(finished), the joker, Batman, the Riddler, and poison ivy. I'm just really into batman at the moment. I've been watching the animated series from the 90's which to this day is still the best cartoon I've ever watched, I love how dark it is. Speaking of superheros in my closet in the box of old comics I found an Avengers vs X-men comic worth 3,000$. I was so surprised! It is now h
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Yea so I made a tumblr you should all check it out :D heres da link- http://emoolie.tumblr.com/
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so basically the only interesting thing to photograph at my house is sunsets/sunrises :/
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thanks for the fav =)
Thank you so much for the favorite!
I think you're super pretty, by the way! ^.^
no problem C: and thanks so much so are you!
You are very beautiful!
Aw thanks c: that just made my day (: