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Candice & Jimmy Find Their Rainbow hardcover is now available! Visit my blog for an extra special post showing never before seen designs and unused sketches! 
Recently did an interview with Lisa Fulmer for her column on the news blog site Claycord.…
Recorded some digital painting.  Didn't think to record until I was already a good way into the process.  If you're curious though, here it is sped up -
I listed my new Robin Williams painting on ebay with 50% of the sale going straight to St. Jude's.  I hope it can raise a good amount for them, but also it would be amazing if people who can't afford to bid on the painting can just donate directly to them.  Even a little helps.

Here's a link to the auction.…
Check out my massive blog post that encompasses everything I did in July!
I compiled a bunch of my AT fan art into one big blog post.  

Check it out!

Adventure Time Blog Post

A first look at my game studio's upcoming match 3 / action RPG!  I've been super busy creating all the art for it, and I'm excited to almost be done. For more information and updates on the project, visit:…

We announced Vahaos Gems today, an rpg match 3 puzzle game.  I've done almost all of the art in the game.  The game relates to the larger mythos related to Project Vahaos.  Check out some screenshots on the indiedb while you wait for the release.  We're working really hard on it and we should have a playable version not too long from now.…
Hey guys here's a video I put together featuring some highlights from our development in 2013! Check it out and share with your friends!…
Indie of the Year Awards

Please vote for my game Project Vahaos!  I'm hoping we reach the top 100!
This is an extra special blog post. Read and see some sneak peaks from the video game I'm working on!
Click here to seeeeee it
Emily Stepp Illustration

I'm sure I'll post different content on there, and probably more often.
I have everything except the blog online as of now, though I'm sure to tweak stuff.
I finally think I'm done with my series of 10 HP Lovecraft short story illustrations.  I think I'll upload one tomorrow if I can :)