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Asset vs. Ancestor: Dimorphodon

Asset vs. Ancestor: Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Dimorphodon. Asset and ancestor swapped position for this one.
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The JW Dimorphodon is much terrifying because of its Theropod dino-like head.

El abuelo sobreviviente de la guerra viendo a su nieto otaku trap.

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wait a minute, the jurassic world dimorpodon doesn't have claws on it's wing tips.

never seen it at all.

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The Camp Cretaceous one 100% does. This isn't the movie version.

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I've never seen them.

they just look like normal wing tips.

EDIT: ok looking at them, they have "pointy" tips, but not actual claws

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They're not normal, they're some sort of protrusion and look very claw-like to me.

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ok, I see what you mean but those never comes across as claws, like at all.

at most, just pointy wing tips.

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They have a highlight in some shots that make them look like claws. They're too weird to not go ahead and assume they're a claw, for me.

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well for me, they never came across that way.

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c'mon man, all they did was turn it into a dragon.

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The JW Dimorphodon is like the evil, ugly brother of the actual Dimorphodon.

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The Ancestor has such a cute face!

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Oh wow. What freaking timing. I am in the middle of watching Trey the Explainers "Ropen Cryptid" video and you post some pterosaur stuff lol! :) Looks cool though :)

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Been thinking about pterosaurs after a mild rant on The Isle's bipedal running launch for Pteranodon lol

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