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Anguirus Extreme Concept Commission

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© 2020 EmilyStepp
Another fun piece commissioned by :iconbatwing89: as part of a fan redesign series. 

Rodan Extreme - fav.me/ddid44w
Godzilla Extreme - fav.me/dd7dtuz
Ghidorah Extreme - fav.me/ddcafax
Mothra Extreme - fav.me/ddh2t43
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Adobe Photoshop 21.1 (Windows)
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You better make him and Gojira be friends. Mainly because that was his main character trait through the films.
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EmilySteppProfessional Traditional Artist

I don't think they're friends or even frienemies in the Extremeverse.

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If you read the MAD file, you'll see that Godzilla and Anguirus have a triple digit fight count. In the Extremeverse all kaiju hate one another and do not peacefully exist, except for Mothra. Fights occur all the time in my lore.

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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist

Nice Anguirus version , Emily

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DarrolLayman2015Hobbyist General Artist
Ironically, that's actually what I pictured Anguirus to look like in the Kaijuverse.
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Angery boi looking nice

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don't tell me he can roll too. because that's awesome. never seen our boy angy with a triceratops frill, so that's pretty cool to see something new.

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MapleSamuraiHobbyist Writer

Baragon and Varan are dead in the Extreme universe? :cries:

But still, awesome job on Anguirus here.

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I wanted Anguirus to not be a pushover and have a kill count. He's always beaten in the movies. Wanted to make sure this version was fearsome.

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Its amazing. I like the ornate stikes and horns.

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wow cool!I like how he looks like an old outdated reconstruction of dinosaurs

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GeneralHelghast General Artist

That’s exactly how I see Angirus: a giant Triceratops with an ankylosaur-like body.

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Thanks again my friend. :)

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Fantastically spiky.

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Sacred-KnightStudent Traditional Artist

Awesome job.

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