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DrawDinovember Day 16 Utahraptor by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 16 Utahraptor :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 34 7 DrawDinovember Day 15 Baryonyx by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 15 Baryonyx :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 59 5 DrawDinovember Day 14 Chasmosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 14 Chasmosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 72 6 DrawDinovember Day 13 Lambeosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 13 Lambeosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 82 7 DrawDinovember Day 12 Protoceratops by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 12 Protoceratops :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 82 8 Some Icons by EmilyStepp Some Icons :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 13 2 DrawDinovember Day 11 Austroraptor by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 11 Austroraptor :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 62 17 DrawDinovember Day 10 Amargasaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 10 Amargasaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 83 5 DrawDinovember Day 9 Edmontosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 9 Edmontosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 68 4 DrawDinovember Day 8 Daspletosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 8 Daspletosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 106 5 DrawDinovember Day 7 Stegosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 7 Stegosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 93 9 DrawDinovember Day 6 Dilophosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 6 Dilophosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 107 3 DrawDinovember Day 5 Ankylosaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 5 Ankylosaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 85 4 DrawDinovember Day 4 Coelophysis by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 4 Coelophysis :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 78 3 The Isle Dilophosaurus Growth Fan Concept by EmilyStepp The Isle Dilophosaurus Growth Fan Concept :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 124 5 DrawDinovember Day 3 Nigersaurus by EmilyStepp DrawDinovember Day 3 Nigersaurus :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 75 7


Day 14: Chasmosaurus russelli by LucaDeflorian Day 14: Chasmosaurus russelli :iconlucadeflorian:LucaDeflorian 4 0 Chasmosaurus by AntonellisofbBender Chasmosaurus :iconantonellisofbbender:AntonellisofbBender 18 14 Dinovember day 14 - Chasmosaurus by kingrexy Dinovember day 14 - Chasmosaurus :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 60 11 Dinovember day 12 - Protoceratops by kingrexy Dinovember day 12 - Protoceratops :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 116 21
Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!
:iconcutehiplz:  Hello everybody and welcome to LeGrandzilla's Journal!
I want to begin by thanking all of you who remembered my birthday and took the time to wish me a happy one!  Thanks! :hug:
It was pretty uneventful, I went to the mall and had a salad with Amy, and I had some T-Shirts made from some of my LeGrandzilla Drawings.  Here is one of them, and I will show you another tomorrow: 
So lets do some updates shall we?  Yes we shall! 
1.  Speaking of LeGrandzilla drawings, I finished another one here:
The next one will be based on the 98 American Godzilla, or Zilla.
2.  Kong Cave Battle.  I did not do much on this one this week, but I did paint and add a spider to the base:
3.  Jarhead Gamera Bust.  I airbrushed over the clay and putty and now I just have a few touch ups.  I hopefully will finish it
:iconlegrandzilla:Legrandzilla 8 25
Dinovember day 8 - Daspletosaurus by kingrexy Dinovember day 8 - Daspletosaurus :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 66 12
Happy Birthday to the 'Zillas!
Yes, yesterday, November 3rd was Godzilla's 64th birthday, and LeGrandzilla will have a birthday in two more days.  For me, this past year has had a LOT of changes.  I left my job of almost 35 years and retired early, I started a health program that changed my lifestyle and helped me lose 50 pounds and lower my blood pressure so that I am medication free, and I began to work on improving my life spiritually as well.  I am very grateful for how things have worked out for me so far, and I hope I can become an even better person some day.
I do not have a new video to share this week, but at the end of the update, I will pull one of my videos from the archives, this is one of my most popular videos for some reason, it got over 50,000 views so far, and I think showing it would be a fitting way to celebrate Godzilla's anniversary, since it is about Godzilla.
Now, for our weekly project update!
1.  LeGrandzilla Drawing.  I have some progr
:iconlegrandzilla:Legrandzilla 5 25
Dinovember day 3 - Nigersaurus by kingrexy Dinovember day 3 - Nigersaurus :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 44 15
INKtober 2018
You guys did it!!! A big shout out to those who participated in this challenge and congrats to those of you who managed to finish this 31 day project!!! Confettication  I'm amazed at how unique and creative you guys
got for this project, and now I would like to share some of my very favorites!




Inktober: 23 Feel Better by yuukiartda  Old warrior by AnonymousLlama428
#4 Day of Inktober - Spell by Thubakabra
Inktober 14, 2018: Clock by RockyFirewolf  inktober day 26 STRETCH by Vera00Eikon
Inktober 17: Swollen by E-P-E
:iconjorgipie:Jorgipie 10 39
Dinovember day 1: Allosaurus by kingrexy Dinovember day 1: Allosaurus :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 109 105 Dinovember day 2 - Pachyrhinosaurus redesign by kingrexy Dinovember day 2 - Pachyrhinosaurus redesign :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 79 42 Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Promo Poster by RobDuenas Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Promo Poster :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 1,553 124
Weekly Art Feature #47: Inktober 4
It's monday again, time for feature! This month I'm very happy to share some inktober drawings:

Inktober: Deer by yanadhyana Inktober 2018 - Nature Creature 22 : Foam by Ludmila-Cera-Foce
Inktober 2018 Day 25 Prickly by EmilyStepp Inktober 2018 | Day 24 by Nekuro3 Inktober day 21 - Drain by SamanthaJordaan
Inktober 20 by ElbenherzArt Inktober2018_3 by Denoro
Inktober #17 2018 by TrollGirl Inktober Day 21 Drain by Avoice Inktober: Ebony Witch by dimary
Inktober 2018 by Ataraxicare
:iconlauramegara:LauraMegara 6 18
Gamera Video and More News
:iconsayhiplz:Hello friends and those passing by, welcome to my journal.  I hope you are all well. 
Today I won a Japanese auction for a new Baragon kit.  It is a little SD kit, I have never seen one before.  One of my friends is always on the lookout for kits I might want, so thanks to him I have one of these coming soon.  As a Baragon fan, I am pretty excited.  Here is an image of it from the kaijukits website:
Okay, so lets get on with the project updates.  
1.  Kong and Mighty Joe Young drawing request.  Not my best work, but it is finished I guess.  One of the downsides of taking on requests that are not your personal vision is, you cannot know precisely what the requester was hoping for, so maybe I should not do these types of requests.  I am better off having the idea in my head and the only person I need to meet expectations of is me.  Anyway, here it is in case you haven't seen it y
:iconlegrandzilla:Legrandzilla 2 11
Inktober 2018 Day 27: Thunder Lizard by Trillstar Inktober 2018 Day 27: Thunder Lizard :icontrillstar:Trillstar 4 3 Where the sky comes down by Hyrotrioskjan Where the sky comes down :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 973 72


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DrawDinovember Day 15 Baryonyx
Ran out of time for this because I was painting commissions.  So here's an hour long digital sketch for a Baryonyx actively hunting a young Iguanodon.  My pinky hurts.  


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Thanks for the watch!! C: means  a lot
EmilyStepp Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Likewise :)
goatrex Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018
Thanks for the watch!
EmilyStepp Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Excited to see what you come up with for the Indoraptor :)
goatrex Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
I will try to incorporate it into the lore of one of the groups I am in, but I don't know yet when it will be done.
EmilyStepp Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
No need to rush :)
BargenShnargen26 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
     I have a little question. Do you know what species of psittacosaurus is featured in The Isle?
EmilyStepp Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
I actually don't know which one it's meant to be, if it's even meant to be one in particular.  My guess would be P. mongoliensis.
BargenShnargen26 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018
Thanks! The one in game is kinda weird with it's face anatomy as it seems to have two cheek horns, it's kinda tough trying to identify it
EmilyStepp Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
I had a hard time researching whether bristles were found on specific species or not.  It could very well be meant to be a mix of different species, like a generic Psittacosaurus.  
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