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Lonely Edd

For a reference i looked at this amazing drawing:  please go look at their art it is so amazing  ^_^  <3 <3 <3  they had the original idea.  :)

I feel very sad for Edd, like he doesn't get to be with his parents a lot, he never gets to spend time or talk with them without sticky notes.  That must make him very sad sometimes...  I don't know what i would do if i was him.  He's so strong.  I love Edd.  He is my favorite character.  <3
This is the first Part of a series i am doing for Ed Edd n Eddy where i am showing how things truly are and the things they hide.  It might be a little sad so i'm sorry for any feels that i may give to anyone.

notes Inspired by:
So many feels in that drawing!  It really made me cry.  TT~TT
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This kid's gonna have so many intimacy issues when he's grown. 
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Awww. Don't be sad Double D. Come here. *I give him a hug, and he clings onto me like a child* Shhhhh. Shhhhhh. There there Edd. It's okay, you aren't alone, I'm right here for you. It's alright honey.
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I'd take Double D under my wing and do whatever I can to be on his side! A soft place to land, a shoulder to cry on, be his sacrifice, and take a bullet for him!

His parents are HORRIBLE! I just wanna--Hades is ticked off 

Sometime soon, I'm going to draw me (Danny Antonucci style) holding Edd, letting him know that I will ALWAYS be there for him, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.Hug 
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Awwww he needs a hug Huggle! 
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Poor Edd (hug) don't be sad I be your friends Edd
EmilySmiles-17's avatar
Oh good! He needs some good friends. >hug<
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At least he has Ed and Eddy for company. Still can't replace parents.
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I'm so glad he has his friends. <3
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I am sure they keep him sane
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>hug< I'm sorry >hug< <3
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Awwww,I like you ;)
EmilySmiles-17's avatar
aww <3 you are soo kind ^_^
EmilySmiles-17's avatar
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Aww, poor Edd! I feel him~ Waaaah! 
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**hugs back** :')
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Such a sad picture....I feel for double D here. :( (Sad) 
EmilySmiles-17's avatar
I think we can all relate to him a little. I think we've all felt lonely at times. Double D is so strong ♥
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Yeah, that's just a part of life sometimes, sorrow is simply the absence of happiness, and the only way to achieve happiness is to ignore your sorrows. So yes I've always loved Double D as my favorite character from one of my favorite cartoons, and I think this picture only further cements that love for him even deeper.
So it's crazy to see such a simple still image can portray so much emotion. I truly praise you for presenting such a wonderful and moving piece of art. :')  
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