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Wile E Coyote : Pose Development by emilySculpts Wile E Coyote : Pose Development by emilySculpts

Wile E Coyote - Pose Development

This piece had to display a very dynamic and exaggerated pose.  To help me with the angles and proportions, I took a lot of progress photos and overlaid the concept drawing in Photoshop to help me make adjustments along the way.

Apoxie Sculpt was used for the interior base structure of the sculpture, in order to keep the piece sturdy and strong.  A 50/50 mix of Super Sculpey andSculpey firm was used over top for detailing and final surfacing.  The armature is composed of aluminum wire.  I used thick wire for the body and legs and wrapped thin wire for the arms and tail.  The figure attaches to the base via the thick wire inserted into a hole on the base.

1 - This is just the wire armature bent into shape with some Apoxie Sculpt over the main form to start solidifying the pose.  The arms are still bare wire and the knees can still be bent to adjust the pose.  I will often Apoxie only “stiff” areas at first so that I can allow room to pose as I work.  I don’t like being restricted from the start!

2 - Pose adjustments are made to the right leg and tail.  I’m also starting to flesh out some mass in larger areas like the torso, using Super Sculpey/Sculpey Firm.  The arms now have Apoxie Sculpt, but are free to bend at the shoulders and elbows.

3 - Adjustments are made to the arm lengths.  The hands and tail are now being blocked in and the feet are starting to take form.

4 - I have now sculpted a VERY rough head in Sculpey, trying to figure out the proportions before moving on to detail.

5 - The head is now a bit more proportional and detailed.  I’ve been sculpting the head separately and it got a bit heavy; I used a wire support to help keep the weight up for photos!

6 - Lots of more small adjustments here, especially to the ears.

7 - I removed the head in order to focus on the body.  I increased the size of the hands and feet and started to add in some fur detail.

8 - The sculpture was transferred to the final base.  I’ve finished detailing the face, adding fur tufts, and making final adjustments to the pose.

9 - A few hours of sanding later, this has really started to come together!

10 - Paint is the final touch to bring him to life!

Check out a video progression of the images shown above!

Wile E Coyote Process from Emily Coleman on Vimeo.

More photos of the finished sculpture : 

Commission : Wile E Coyote by emilySculpts

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July 2, 2014
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