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Tumblr 1k Sculpture Contest by emilySculpts Tumblr 1k Sculpture Contest by emilySculpts
This contest is for Tumblr ONLY!  Check it out here!

About the Contest

This summer, I will be unveiling my new online sculpture class over on  It will largely follow the same format as my book, Creature Sculpt, but will be video based.  It will also have a forum where you can interact with other students as well as myself!  

In April, I will be filming content for this class.  I will be creating several different sculptures during the various demonstrations.   I already have a few designs in mind, but I thought it would be cool to use a character designed by one of my viewers too!  And this is where the contest comes in.

I am looking for your coolest, original character and creature designs to base one of my class sculptures off of!  Most all original characters are eligible, but I am NOT looking for human/humanoid characters as my class is going to be animal and creature based.  These must be 100% original designs and not fandom-based in any way.  I will select the design I find the most interesting and/or will best help me to demonstrate my sculpting techniques.  

What You Can Win

* The winning character will be featured in my sculpting class, and the artist will be credited to the design.  

* The winner will also be given the chance to have the finished sculpture shipped to them, free of all costs except for shipping and packing (to be paid via PayPal). 

* In addition, the winner will get free entry into my new class!

How to Enter

* You must have an account on Tumblr to enter.

* Follow me, emilySculpts, on Tumblr.  

* Reblog the contest post, leaving the original text and image intact.  

* To your reblog, add your personal entry information.  This should include up to 5 images of your original character as well as any supplemental text.  You may include pose sketches or composition ideas as well if you have any sculpture-specific ideas.  Turnaround sheets are helpful but not required.

* You may enter as many times as you’d like.  Multiple characters are allowed in each reblog.  Or if you come up with another idea after your first entry, you may reblog the post again.

* Read the full rules listed on the contest post.

Head over to the contest entry to get the full details!


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February 16, 2014
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