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Then and Now : Nanaki Sculpt by emilySculpts Then and Now : Nanaki Sculpt by emilySculpts

(Last Nanaki post, I promise!)

Wow!  What a difference nearly a decade of sculpting makes.  I almost fell out of my chair when I opened that old photo to make this comparison image.  As I have mentioned before, I always remember my old pieces looking WAY better than they actually are.  I suppose it’s because at the time, it WAS good for me. 

2004 -  Sculpted just under 4 years into my sculpting career. This was one of my first attempts at creating something “canon”/on-model.  It was done for the Otakon art show that year.  The tattoo work and gradient on the paint job aren’t too shabby!  Why he has silver cuffs, I will never know

2013 - I suppose this is a slightly unfair comparison as in 2004, I was trying to stay on model as much as possible, keeping a smooth surface.  With my recent piece, I was doing more of an interpretation of the character, giving him more naturalistic proportions, textures, and colors.  Even still, I think the difference between the two is pretty clear.  I think one of the best and most amazing things I have learned over the years is strong color theory.  It’s so very important.

I highly recommend that every artist does something like this from time to time.  It really helps you to remember where you came from and what you have learned.  It also really makes you think about what your art will be like another few years down the road. 

Sometimes it can be discouraging to see another artist’s work that you feel is lightyears beyond what you can do.  But it’s all a matter of time, patience, and practice to get you to that same point.  You are growing as an artist every time you create a new piece or try something new.  Never stop creating!

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