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The Spirit of the Everglades by emilySculpts The Spirit of the Everglades by emilySculpts
EDIT 1/31/13 : Did a light paintover in photoshop to add some green to moss and did a little clean up. Looks a bit less cluttered now I think!

Ah, the first piece I have done for ME in a while! Well, in all honesty, I created this for a competition held by my awesome friends, the Shiflett Brothers. The Monster Rider Competition is in its second year. I was thrilled by the idea last year but didn’t have time to enter. I started this the day after Christmas so I was able to squeeze in an hour of work here and there and MAKE time to finish it. It felt good.

Being a Florida girl (though misplaced at the moment), I wanted to create a new spirit that protected my little slice of paradise. The Everglades are a Florida icon yet are slowly being destroyed by human development. Fortunately, a lot of recent action has been taken to restore and protect this amazing place. This spirit does his part to protect the Everglades, keeping the birds, turtles, and other creatures under his watchful eye.

I wanted to do a lot more with the environment on this piece, but I simply ran out of time. The entries are due on Friday and my book pre-orders have been keeping me busy!

Materials : Monster Clay Over a Wire and Foil Armature, Wood Beads(Eyes), Wood Base

Dimensions : 8.5” tall on a 11” x 8.5” base

Time Taken : 3 Hours Research/Concept, 17 hours sculpting


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January 30, 2013
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