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Mechanical Palm Cockatoo by emilySculpts Mechanical Palm Cockatoo by emilySculpts
For a video of the bird in motion with his lights, go to [link].

In the future, all of the forests have been cleared and destroyed. The animals that once thrived there no longer exist. People will construct machines to remind them of what they used to have. This relic is an example of what is to come if we continue on such a destructive path. Please support conservation and green life style changes.

This mechanical palm is constructed using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, a 2 part epoxy clay. The clay is applied over an aluminum wire and mesh frame covered with several layers of paper mache. He is painted with acrylics. If you would like to see progress photos of how this piece was constructed from start to finish, please visit my blog.

This piece was displayed locally and sold on the first night of the show. I forgot to measure the dimensions before delivering him to the customer, but he is probably about a foot and a half tall with the crest feathers.

There is a motion sensor that activates the lights along the side as well as movement in the jaw.

All of the lighting. movement, and wiring was done by my husband, Joe Coleman (:iconphantom42:).

Interested in a commission? Please check my journal for current commission status.


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October 10, 2011
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