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MLP : DJ Pon-3's Dance Party by emilySculpts MLP : DJ Pon-3's Dance Party by emilySculpts
This piece is SOLD!

OMG it’s done, woo hoo!!! I am an ex-raver and this piece just makes me squee inside! This was a collaboration between myself and my husband.

DJ Pon-3 is at home behind the turntables, spinning some awesome tunes for all her pony pals. Aside from the light rig, every detail has been sculpted from scratch. The entirety of the piece has been hand painted with acrylic paints. The posters on the sides of the speakers were created in photoshop, printed, laminated and adhered to the piece.

This special sculpture set is fully interactive. The speakers, turntables, and character are all separate so they can be arranged however you like. Look closely at the turntables and you will see that the records can be spun and the stylus arms can be swiveled. DJ Pon-3’s hoof lines up with the records so you can make her “scratch”.

And then of course there are the lights! 6 super bright LEDs have been fashioned to resemble club lighting. A sound sensor picks up music in the vicinity and flashes the lights to the song. Be sure to check out the video below see this awesome effect in action. (Lights are powered by an included AC Adapter). All of the lights and electronics were done by my husband, Joe Coleman.

Watch the lights in action on vimeo!!


Dj Pon-3 : 5” L x 5.75” H on a 3x5” Base
Speakers (each) : 2.5” W x 4.75” H on a 4” Base
Turntables : 5” L x 3” W x 2.25” H
Assembled Lights with Box : 5.25” L x 3” W x 12” H

Materials Used

Super Sculpey, Sculpey Firm, Apoxie Sculpt, Wire and Foil Armature, Wood Bases, Acrylic Paints

Light set-up consists of painted wood pieces with Apoxie Sculpt and wire. Electronics housing box can be opened and closed via a metal latch.

All painted pieces are coated with a semi-gloss varnish that helps prevent paint chips. Felt pads have been placed on the underside of all pieces to protect display surfaces.

Creation Time

Sculpting and Painting : 27 hours
Light Rig and Electronics : 11 hours


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COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! New orders will be taken bi-monthly on a first come first serve basis starting in May 2013. To be fair to everyone, there will be no waiting list. Go here to sign up for an e-mail notification when commissions slots become available. You may also read my current pricing information on this page and place a quote request. Additionally, you may view my commissions policy here (must be read before placing a quote request). Please do not submit commission inquiries through deviantArt as it can easily get lost.


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February 13, 2013
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