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I  am the Dragon, I am the Sky - Details by emilySculpts I  am the Dragon, I am the Sky - Details by emilySculpts

I am the Dragon, I am the Sky - A Tribute to David Bowie

Materials : Steel and Aluminum Mesh Armature, Apoxie Sculpt, Sculpey Medium, Cel Vinyl, Pearl Ex, Wood Base

Time Taken : Approx 60 Hours; Completed over the course of a year

Dimensions :  12" Height, 5″ Wingspan, 8″ Length, 5x7″ Base

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I created this piece for myself.  It is not for sale nor will it be reproduced.

I have been an avid David Bowie fan for over 20 years, since I was in high school.  Not only was my craft and my artistic style developed with his music constantly in the background, I have patterned my life and creativity under his lead.  Upon discovering his incredible and inspiring music, I was awed by his ability to slip between styles while being completely genuine at the same time.  I loved that he was always trying new things and putting 110% into it, even if it didn’t work out in the end.

When David died last January, it was like having the rug pulled out from under me.  I had always been dreading the day, but I never imagined how profoundly it would affect me.  Not only did I lose my favorite musician, I lost the heart of my inspiration and the foundation of my artistic style and spirit.  I was absolutely devastated.  I cried more in those two weeks after his death than I have my entire adult life.  

I am very fortunate to have made it 36 years into life without losing a very close family member or friend.  I had absolutely no idea what true grief felt like and it was quite an undertaking for me.  It is true that I did not know David on a personal level.  I never met the man and I am only one of his countless adoring fans.  But to me, he is a symbol of what to strive for, a creative role model, and a flat out hero.  It was very very difficult for me to cope with the loss of this shining star in my life sky.

It’s taken me a while, but I have begun to accept that David Bowie is no longer with us and I am beginning to understand how people live on after their life has ended.  I am beginning to understand what it means to hold on to a piece of someone’s spirit and make it a part of yourself, letting that person live on in all that you do.  It’s important to keep creating, even when it feels like your inspiration has left you.  Sometimes you just have to look a little deeper within yourself to figure out how to keep going,

I do not hold any traditional religious beliefs but I do believe energy continues on after life in some way we could never truly understand.  I read an article that was very uplifting to me, stating that David Bowie didn’t die; he just returned home to the stars.  I found that thought so comforting that I decided it integrate it into a memorial art piece.

“I am the dragon, I am the sky” is my favorite Bowie lyric, from the song “The Pretty Things are Going to Hell”.  That lyric is the basis of this piece.  It illustrates the spirit returning to the stars and becoming one with the sky once again.  David Bowie made a lot of references to space in his songs; “Starman” and “Hallo Spaceboy” being two of my personal favorites.  This piece was also inspired by the raw and powerful music from his last album, Blackstar.  

The lighthearted cloud and star base is a nod to my old art style.  When I first started listening to David Bowie, I had a very “candy” style to my art so I decided to include that.  I see it as the past still being a part of the spirit, but at the same time, the spirit rises and continues to become greater.  

This is probably the most emotional and symbolic piece that I have ever created.  I think it is appropriate though and I am glad that I took the time to make it for myself.  It is really great to pour the energy of grief and change into a work of art.  It sort of immortalizes those feelings.  

Rest in Peace, David Bowie.  Wherever you are now, know that you continue to spread inspiration and love in the world that you left.  We love you and miss you.

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January 11, 2017
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