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Gryphon Fantasy Anatomy Model - Color Edition by emilySculpts Gryphon Fantasy Anatomy Model - Color Edition by emilySculpts

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I am now taking orders for painted gryphon models in addition to the plain gray version.  You can order in the colors you see in the photos, or you can request custom colorations (limited to flat colors).  I am also offering a deluxe color edition where I can add markings like spots or stripes.

Item is made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks of production time before the item is shipped. Allow up to 3 weeks of production time for painted models.

Standard Edition : Grey resin with a black paint wash to enhance detail. 

Color Edition : Full color paint job with gloss accents on the eyes, beak, and claws. Can be painted as seen in the images here, or colors can be customized. Solid colors only. Specify eye color, fur color, and feather color when ordering.

Deluxe Color Edition : A detailed version of the painted edition which includes markings like spots or stripes, two-tone colorations/gradients, or other detailed colorations.

Model comes in 7 magnetized pieces and includes an anatomy chart poster print, signed by me. 

Fully assembled, measures 9in/23cm long, 5.5in/14cm tall at head, and 11.25in/29cm tall at tip of wing.  Cast in solid polyurethane resin. Figure is sealed with a matte spray vanish.


Want to learn how to sculpt like I do?

Fantasy Creatures in Clay by emilySculpts  Online Class : Sculpting Creatures and Critters by emilySculpts  :iconcreaturesculptartist:

The Book : Fantasy Creatures in Clay

The Class : Sculpting Creatures and Critters

The Group : Creature Sculpt Artist


Interested in a Commission?  Please check my journal for current status.


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October 2, 2015
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