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Commissions Opening 6/16 by emilySculpts Commissions Opening 6/16 by emilySculpts

Summer 2017 Commissions - Opening June 16

My next commissions opening date is currently planned for June 16.  While I am limited on the number of slots I can take, I am going to do my best to accommodate everyone that wants a sculpture whom I have approved in advance.  Due to my increased busy schedule, I cannot guarantee that I will be taking fall commissions this year.  If there is anything that you absolutely need for a gift or event, now is the time.

Please be advised I am not taking payments for sculptures until June 16.  I do not take payments plans and all sculptures must be paid in full before I begin work.  I do not have a wait list and I take pieces on a first come, first serve basis on the day I open for payments.  However, as previously mentioned, I am going to do my best to accommodate everyone.  Please get your sculpture quote in advance so you can pay for your sculpture on opening day.

Click the link below to head over to my new commissions page.  There, you can read over my policy and pricing information before putting in a quote request.  I am now actively giving out quotes so I should be able to get back to you pretty quick.  Please do not inquire about commissions via note or social media.

Commissions Policy and Pricing

** Please note, I no longer accept commissions for figures of trademarked properties or “personal” characters created from a trademarked universe (ie. Pokemon, MLP, etc.)  I also do not sculpt humans, humanoids, or anthropomorphics.  I don’t take a lot of commissions these days so I prefer to stick to my specialties : creatures and animals.

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June 4, 2017
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