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Commission : The Changelings by emilySculpts Commission : The Changelings by emilySculpts
Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale. While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made. Thank you for your understanding.

About : This is one my favorite pieces that I have done in a while. I am happy how both my aesthetic and technical abilities came together to make this successful. I feel like I have learned a lot this past year, and this is a visual representation of that.

All of the holes pass through the sculpture 100%. They were strategically placed around the armature in order to keep structural integrity. The wings are slightly translucent and have a sheen created with Pearl-Ex powders. The wings are removable so they do not snap off during shipping to my client. The back plates of both characters were also dusted with Pearl-Ex to match to “shiny” look from the designs.

These characters were especially fun to sculpt because they are such unique designs. I would jump at the chance to do more Changeling sculptures!

Materials : 85% Super Sculpey & Sculpey Firm, 15% Apoxie Sculpt, Premo! Clay for the Wings (Translucent/blue mix), Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paints, Pearl Ex, Wood base

Dimensions : 7.75” tall by 7.75” long on a 7” base

Time Taken : 16 hours


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August 19, 2013
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